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2007 Mail Outlook - What Mailers Can Expect in 2007

There are two important changes that US mailing professionals should expect in the coming months: a rate hike, and substantial changes to mail preparation rules. Both of these changes, if approved by the USPS, will be put in effect May of 2007. Qualified Address customers can expect our mailing software to be ready to handle both of these changes. We also intend to educate you on how you can manage your mail and decrease your costs accordingly.

Over the coming months, Qualified Address will provide more information about the upcoming changes here, in our blog. For now, I'd like to give you an overview of specific changes you can expect:

  1. Rates will no longer be rest entirely on the weight of a mailpiece. The new rates will continue to be based on the weight, but the size and the shape of your mailpieces will also be taken into account.
  2. Updating addresses will become easier and more affordable for mailers, decreasing the amount of mail that is "Undeliverable as Addressed."
  3. Pricing for Priority Mail boxes and envelopes will change to include a permanent flat-rate price, which will make mailing more affordable.

Other changes that impact the rates for an "additional ounce" (good news - it's lower!), as well as less expensive delivery confirmation services will also be included in the new rates.

Rate increases are not just impacting mailers who use the United States Postal Service. UPS has also increased its rates this year. Beginning January 1, 2007 the UPS list rates will increase an average of 4.9%. This rate increase includes all domestic ground and air shipments. You can view a list of the new rates for the United States by visiting the UPS website - UPS 2007 Zones and Rates .

This month we've also released Qualified Address Scrubbing , the first in a line of innovative solutions for mailers (any mailing professional should know that a good address list is the first step to a good mailing). In coming months we will be releasing new products and services that focus on helping you to comply with the new USPS rates and save money at the same time.

Please feel free to post any questions on the rate changes that you might have as comments in this blog post.

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