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A "Green" Alternative to Mailing Software

The green color that represents does more than just contribute to an attractive website. It represents the company's commitment to developing green software that reduces environmental and economic waste by leveraging the improved speed and efficiency of the internet.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that product packaging, including software packaging, accounts for one-third of the trash thrown away in the United States. Businesses are responsible for an estimated 85% of this garbage. In its definition of product stewardship, the EPA urges businesses and consumers to "share responsibility for the environmental impact of products."

The internet has enabled many software companies to adopt a "zero waste" product model. Known as "on-demand software" or "software as a service," this model eliminates all waste associated with creating disks for software, printing manuals and guides, packaging software, and shipping software to end users. Popular on-demand software companies include, Omniture, and RightNow Technologies. was launched in early 2007 to provide on-demand mailing software and address list services to businesses. In August 2007, it became the first on-demand software company to be CASS-Certified by the USPS. Users are able to upload their mailing lists to a secure account on the internet, and perform services such as data standardization, address verification, and CASS processing. Point-of-entry address verification software is also available, and additional on-demand services are currently in development.

The environmental benefits of on-demand mailing software are not limited to the elimination product packaging. Because of the address verification system at, users are able to remove invalid mailing addresses from their lists before printing a mail campaign. This reduces environmental and economic waste created by printing mail pieces that will be returned as undeliverable by the post office.

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