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Installing the plugin

The SmartyStreets plugin for Salesforce (managed package) is no longer available. But, there are alternatives. We recommend trying the alternate plugin by To A Finish. They utilizes our address validation service on the backend and can give you a free trial.

Here is what they offer:

Features a very simple way to cleanse addresses within your Salesforce CRM or system. With the touch of a button, addresses on the current record are verified and cleansed. Works in standard or custom objects. Try it for free for 30 days!

This app works with the top-rated Address Cleansing service and provides buttons on the Account, Contact and Lead layouts which instantly verify and cleanse the standard addresses. Easy instructions for adding buttons for custom objects and/or addresses are provided.

Return statuses are included, along with demographic data. e.g. Latitude & Longitude, County Name, FIPS Code, and more.

Address Verification is simple in its execution, and powerful in its delivery.

The leader in location data intelligence

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