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It's still using the standard New and Edit pages.

Make sure you have configured your organization settings as described in the configuration section. Clicking the Use for Accounts and Use for Contacts buttons will create action overrides for the New and Edit actions of Account and Contact, respectively. This means your organization will use the Visualforce pages included in the package (which support address validation) whenever you create or edit Account and Contact records.

You don't have to use our buttons to set these overrides; you can always do it manually. As a system administrator, navigate to Setup-#&62;Customize-#&62;Accounts-#&62;Buttons, Links, and Actions and click Edit on the action you want to override, then choose to override with a Visualforce Page, and pick the corresponding SmartyStreets Visualforce page for the record type and action you want to override. It's a bit of a hassle, and that's exactly why we made a friendly button to do it all for you.

It's not verifying. I see a gray checkmark, but it doesn't do anything when I click it.

It's likely that you don't have your organization configured to use a valid API key for the domain on which your organization is hosted. Refer to the configuration section for help doing this. Make sure the domain name you used for the Embedded Key ends with, and does not have the word "lightning" in it.

For example:

Batch verification completed instantly, but nothing was actually verified.

This happens when there is an error during code execution. This is usually because you don't have a valid Auth ID and Auth Token key pair saved, or because you have run out of lookups on your SmartyStreets account. You can check if your keys are valid on the SmartyStreets app's Configure SmartyStreets page. You can check how many lookups you have left by logging in to your SmartyStreets account.

Inline editing no longer works on the View/Details page, but is used on the Edit page.

This is a side-effect of the plugin overriding the standard New and Edit pages. Salesforce automatically deactivates inline editing on the View/Details page when the Edit page is overridden. This behavior is expected, and not to be feared.

I tried to abort a batch verification process, but when I refresh the page, it looks like it's still running

This happens sometimes, especially if the process has been running for a very long time. Just hit the Abort Verification button on the Batch Verify page again. If it has been 10-20 seconds and it hasn't told you that the verification was aborted successfully, refresh the page and see if it is still verifying. If so, rinse and repeat.

I get an error when loading a record's New or Edit page.

If the error looks something like SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: Contact.OtherStreet, then this means the plugin is looking for the contact's Other address, but it is not present in your Contact page layout. Make sure your Account page layout includes the Billing and Shipping addresses, and your Contact page layout includes the Mailing and Other addresses.

If the error just says "Error loading page," it could mean your page layout for that object (e.g., Account) has some kind of custom name field the plugin isn't expecting.

If the error only happens on the New page, it could mean that you have validation rules that conflict with the plugin. You can either disable the override for the New action/button for the object, which will also make it so you can't verify addresses on the New page, or you can modify your validation rules to make exceptions for Accounts named New Account, Contacts with the last name New Contact, and Leads with the last name New Lead.

I'm having problems when using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has some problems, frankly. If you experience problems while using it, the first thing to try is using another browser instead.

No addresses are listed when Batch Verify is in Valid mode.

Valid mode only includes valid addresses that have been verified more than X months ago, where X is the value entered during step 3 of configuration. Setting it to zero makes batch verification include all valid addresses.

Some or all addresses are missing on the Batch Verify page.

An address may be excluded from batch verification if:

  • The address has a blank street field
  • It is an international address and Use international lookups is set to never on the Configure SmartyStreets page
  • You recently updated from an old version of the plugin. Try clicking the Use for [record type] buttons on the Configure SmartyStreets page again
  • The Batch Verify page is in a mode that does not display addresses of that type
  • The Batch Verify page is in Valid mode, and the address was last verified too recently. Check out the entry above this one for details

There are two "Last Verified" fields for each address. What gives?

That's right. Each standard address has two custom fields for the date on which it was last verified. They have the same name, except one has "(date)" at the end. That one is a date field, and the other is a text field. It will work with either one (or both) in your layout. The text field will update right away, and the date field will update upon saving the record.

I can batch verify freeform addresses just fine, but if I try them on the Edit page, it says there is not enough info.

Freeform addresses are those that have the whole address in the Street field, or in the Street and Country fields. Simply put, freeform addresses are not supported when verifying from a New or Edit page, but our Batch Verify page does support them.

I get an error when I try to uninstall.

See Uninstall.

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