Smarty Blog - April 2022

Women or Femme in Code: Expanding Opportunity Q&A Part 1Arrow Icon
A 2021 StackOverflow survey shows that women account for only 5.31% of software developers worldwide. In this 2 part Q&A, 7 women in software engineering at Smarty discuss their efforts and share tips about increasing opportunities in the software development field.
April 27, 2022 - This is part 1 of a 2 part series. You can read part 2 here. This edition of our blog comes from a special guest writer, Anne Arnold, daughter of Smarty’s own Wes Arnold. Anne will soon graduate high school and as part of her career exploration, she had the opportunity to sit down with the women on Smarty’s software development team. They each shared how they discovered their love for coding, what it’s like to be the only woman in class, and how they’re helping spread the opportunities for prospective women in code like Anne.
5 Principles For Creating Stupidly Brilliant JavaScript ApplicationsArrow Icon
The smarter an application is, the dumber its code should be. Make your code maintainable, extendable, and bug-resistant.
April 11, 2022 - Have you ever tried to add a minor feature to your application only to discover that you’ll have to re-write large blocks of code first? Or maybe you’ve spent hours deciphering hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of lines of existing code just to find out a task only required two lines of additional code. If you’re like most developers, you’ve wasted countless, frustrating hours wading through immensely complicated code trying to force it to do things it wasn’t built for. In his presentation, Mike Manwill, Frontend Team Lead here at Smarty, discussed 5 principles to help you create stupidly-simple applications that are maintainable, extendable, and bug-resistant.
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