Private Label Agreement


This agreement is between the Company (herein defined as SmartyStreets LLC, a Utah-based company) and the Client (you, or your organization) to utilize the Company's Services (herein defined as any publicly callable programmatic interface for which automated accesses is allowed, specifically, but not exclusively LiveAddress API). Also referenced are the Client's Customers (herein defined as customers, partners, affiliates, clients, contractors, or other such third parties subordinate to the Client.) This document contains terms and language which alters and grants exception to the standard Terms Of Service found on the Company's website.

Allowed Usage

The Client is granted specific license to sell, rent, sublicense, or lease access to the Company's Services in order to provide business benefit to its Customers so long as the Client does not, nor knowingly allow its Customers to, directly compete, engage in, or otherwise conduct business (with or without financial remuneration) related to the Services provided by the Company. The Client is granted license by the Company to use the Company's Services to add value to existing products provided by the Client to its Customers. Attribution and/or acknowledgement back to the Company is not required, meaning that the capabilities provided by the Client to its Customers can be "white-labeled" as if it were the Client's own service with no mention of the Company.

License is NOT granted for the Client's Customers to resell or "private label" the Company's services or to to engage in the business of redistributing, selling, renting, sublicensing, or leasing the Company's Services.

This license is non-transferable.


The annual subscription payment will be applied to the address lookup balance until it is exhausted and then regular payments will be deducted from the credit card on file on the monthly anniversary of the start date (based on calendar month). If payment is made via check, the Company will electronically invoice the Client for all lookups during the previous calendar month (from the start date). The Client agrees that all such invoices will be paid within 15 days (NET 15) of receipt of the invoice.

Everything Else

All other terms and conditions stated in the Company's Terms Of Service, except as specifically noted in this Private Label Agreement, remain in force.

Updated: October 3, 2013

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