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SmartyStreets: New Name, Same Awesome

Qualified Address is now SmartyStreets. But, by now, you've probably guessed that. With any kind of name change or re-branding there are bound to be questions.

What's Wrong With The Old Name?
Qualified Address was a pretty good name, and it has served us well for years. But as we have grown and our culture has evolved, we have come to realize that the name Qualified Address no longer adequately conveys who we are or where we are going as a company.

Frankly speaking, Qualified Address was a little too...well... boring. And that's not who we are. When we come into work everyday, we bring our "A-Game". When we talk or interact with you, our customers, we want you to feel the excitement about what we do. We don't mind talking about our flair or the fact that we won't put cover pages on our TPS reports. Address verification is what we do.

Why "SmartyStreets"?
First and foremost, we wanted something unique and memorable (not to mention "Google-able"). We wanted something that conveys what we do as a company, while still allowing our personality to show through. SmartyStreets is all of that and then some, all wrapped up in one neat little package.

Here's the fun part. Now that you've seen the name SmartyStreets, we'd like you to try and forget it. Seriously! Just try to not remember the name. That's how we came to pick SmartyStreets in the first place. No matter how hard we tried, we kept coming back to it because we couldn't get it out of our heads. SmartyStreets. SmartyStreets. SmartyStreets. See? It's stuck.

The other reason that we went with SmartyStreets is that it plays well with the concept of "street smarts," which means having a lot of actual experience. In our case, we have a lot of experience related to streets and addresses. So what better name than something that conveys the level of expertise we have about streets and addresses in general?

New Name, Same Awesome
For us, this name change represents business as usual. And by "business as usual" we mean our continuing to deliver all of the awesome in new, interesting, and fun (un-boring) ways. We hope you enjoy it too. Tell us what you think. We want to hear all of your feedback.


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