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US Rooftop Geocoding

Smarty's rooftop accurate geocoding API makes spatial analysis easy by giving you the precise geographic coordinates of a structure. It also makes it easy to relate additional key address data to make critical business decisions.

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Step 2: Lookup type

Step 3: Enter an address

The street line of the address, maps to the "street" field of our US Street Address API.

Apartment or suite information, maps to the "secondary" field of our US Street Address API.

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Identify the exact structure

Get the coordinates of a structure at an address location.
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Accurately stack data

Use SmartyKey™ to relate third-party data to geocodes accurately.
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Improve data integrity

Get address standardization and verification with every API call.
Get industry-leading accuracy

Dive into unparalleled amazingness


Get speeds up to 10,000 times faster


Of our geocodes are rooftop accurate


Postal addresses and non-USPS addresses

45 Points

Of metadata, including RDI
How it works

US Rooftop Geocoding ensures exact geocoded locations in four steps

A searchbar containing a US address
Step 1


Identifies address components for address parsing, including building number, street name, city, state, and ZIP Code.

Two white boxes side-by-side, the left containing an address, the right containing itemized information about the address
Step 2


Each physical address result includes the geocode, postal codes, correct abbreviations, spelling, formats, and casing.

A white box containing a key icon on the left and a SmartyKey™ value on the right
Step 3


Ensures the geocode lookup is valid by locating its SmartyKey™ and verifying the input address in Smarty's database.

Six white boxes containing additional information about the input address
Step 4

Geocode address

US Rooftop Geocoding uses verified addresses to increase match rates and deliver the most accurate geographic coordinates.

3 Smarty options

Easily generate the best rooftop geocodes around. Check out these three simple ways to get coordinates for addresses quickly and accurately.

Spreadsheet geocoding

Easily geocode a list of addresses using a spreadsheet.

Batch geocoding addresses

Use Smarty's lightning-fast geocoding API to batch geocode addresses in large quantities.

Utilize Smarty's QGIS plugin

Identify geocodes directly on your QGIS maps with Smarty's easy-to-use plugin.
How you win with US Rooftop Geocoding

Identify a structure's precise geographic coordinates for better business decisions and risk evaluation.

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Rooftop geocoding

Eliminate geocoding guesswork. US Rooftop Geocoding has 96% of the United States geocoded to the exact structure at an address location.
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Persistent unique identifier (PUID)

Accurately blend third-party data with SmartyKeyTM. SmartyKey identifies an address, even if the address elements change.
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Mitigate business risk

Get the exact structure location and not just the parcel by turning an address into coordinates for crucial insights into your risk and investment.
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Affordable geocoding

Choose the plan that offers the speed, lookups, and support you need without sacrificing coverage or ruining your budget.
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10,000 times faster

Get breakneck speeds without the hassle or high costs of onsite installations by using cloud-based US Rooftop Geocoding.
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Geocoding API

Switch to an easy-to-setup geocoding API and eliminate the hassle of managing an on-premise system without sacrificing security.

Super-fast geocoding API

Superior accuracy and transparency


US Rooftop Geocoding can deliver rooftop-accurate geocodes for 96% of the United States. Address standardization and address normalization are part of every response returned. Responses also include textual descriptions for accuracy ratings based on geocoding types (e.g., rooftop, parcel, street, ZIP9), so you don't have to worry about false positives in your results.

Simply connect data to geocodes


Ensure your data is as accurate as possible. Street names and addresses can change frequently. These changes make it challenging to provide accurate location intelligence. SmartyKeyTM understands these changes and gives you the correct data.

Competitive pricing


US Rooftop Geocoding can be purchased in scaleable plans from $106/month for 5,000 geocode lookups to plans with custom pricing and unlimited geocode lookups. Whatever your needs are, Smarty address experts can help.

Free, unlimited, legendary support


Skip the phone tree and work directly with Smarty's world-class technical support team. Say goodbye to complicated API requests. Smarty's APIs are well-documented and easy to implement, but if you ever need help, just call support and talk to an actual, live human.

Geocoding map

Easy-to-implement geocoding

Smarty makes cleaning and standardizing a human-readable address easy and turning it into geographical coordinates. Here are a few examples of how our geocoding API and address verification work together to find the physical address and give you the best API response.
lookup = StreetLookup()

lookup.street = "1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy" = "Mountain View"
lookup.state = "CA"
lookup.zipcode = "94043"


latitude = lookup.result[0].metadata.latitude

longitude = lookup.result[0].metadata.longitude
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What our customers are saying

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Smarty has provided VOLO with fast & accurate geocoding services for over 10 years. The Smarty API provides real-time results as users enter location addresses.
Patrick KellyChief Financial Officer, VOLO
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US Rooftop Geocoding pricing

We meticulously craft personalized solutions tailored to every facet of our customers’ business needs. Choose the perfect plan to match your mojo.


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What is Address Geocoding and Rooftop Geocoding?

Address Geocoding is any process that converts addresses into geographic coordinates regardless of accuracy. Rooftop Geocoding is address geocoding that consistently identifies the rooftops of a parcel's primary structures. Some geocoders falsely imply rooftop accuracy, but Smarty US Rooftop Geocoding provides valid rooftop coordinates.

How accurate is Smarty's rooftop geocoding?

More than 96% of US addresses will accurately reflect the building's geographical coordinates. In cases where multiple addresses are identified within the same building, Smarty's geocoding will frequently be correct at the secondary address level—meaning US Rooftop Geocoding can help you identify individual shops in a strip mall or precisely locate each office in a business park. To learn more, visit our article on geocoding accuracy.

What is reverse geocoding?

Reverse Geocoding is finding the nearest address or addresses to a set of geographical coordinates. Many organizations use reverse geocoding to find the addresses of vehicles, people, packages, and other data. They can then tie the coordinates to the aforementioned address. Learn more about Smarty's hyper-fast reverse geocoding API.

What is the purpose of precise address geocoding?

Geocoding unlocks hidden values from your address data. For example, what insurance risks does an address have nearby? What specific service district is it in? The more precise your geocoding lookup is, the more you can reduce costs and increase profits.

How often are Smarty geocodes updated?

Smarty collects location data from thousands of local authoritative sources and updates our database continuously. In addition to local and state resources, our data is enhanced monthly with US Postal Service Data.

How does US Rooftop Geocoding deal with false positives?

False positives can lead to costly mistakes and misinformed business decisions. For superior accuracy, US Rooftop Geocoding is connected to Smarty's highly accurate address validation product. It dramatically reduces the number of false positives in your data When it finds a false positive, it marks it as invalid.

How does your pricing compare to other geocoding services?

Smarty offers premium address geocoding at prices that won’t break your budget. Feel free to visit our pricing page and compare us with the competition. We offer hyper-accurate geocoding at mind-blowing speeds and legendary support.

Do you offer a geocoding API (Application Programming Interface)?

The US Street API is our rooftop geocoding API when accompanied with an active US Rooftop Geocoding subscription. Geocodes are available through our web tools, batch upload, and Command Line Interface.

Can I save geocodes?

Yes, saving geocodes is an available option. Feel free to use the addresses you geocode in other applications within your organization for as long as you’re a Smarty geocoding customer. Contact our Sales team for more information.

How do I get a geocode from a human-readable address?

US Rooftop Geocoding is powered by Smarty’s US Street Address API. You can check out how it works by trying out the Live API above. Read more details on US Rooftop Geocoding in our helpful documentation.

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