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We have our PhD in Awesome.
Smarty is the three-time heavyweight world champion of location data intelligence.
Companies like Microsoft, Netflix and NASA use Smarty to process colossal amounts of location data at breakneck speed. Smarty's APIs verify, validate, enrich, standardize, geocode, and auto-complete addresses — they aren’t your grandma’s APIs, but your grandma could easily use them.

Our Core Values



Outwardness is seeing people as people. We do our best to see the humanity of others and consider their needs, objectives, and challenges as we go about our work. We hold ourselves accountable for our impact on others as well as our results. We do our best to see you, understand you, and help you.


Wizardry is developing our skills and creating great tech. We welcome the uncomfortable work it takes to master ourselves and our craft. This includes continuously learning, growing, improving, and helping others do the same. We might not actually be wizards, but together we accomplish magical things!


Whether it’s traveling together or creating useful products together, we believe it’s essential to have a good time. Even though we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re serious about providing value. Our desire and ability to create and deliver keeps things fun. Everything else we do is just the cherry on top!

The leader in location data intelligence

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