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Address Verification that just works - the way it’s supposed to! We recently reviewed service providers for address verification - checked out Google's offering and USPS but when looking at uptime and speed of returning info - Smarty couldn't be beat. Our e-commerce solutions wouldn't work without the reliable info Smarty provides for us. Reasonable pricing too!

Rhonda RVP of People & Finance

Every plan includes:

Legendary Support

Talk to a US-based team member with no lengthy waits or outsourcing.


Indicates if an address is residential or commercial (according to USPS).

Enhanced Matching

Deciphers and standardizes problematic address data.

US Street API

Standardizes and validates US addresses.

USPS Addresses

Includes addresses in the USPS database.


Appends US ZIP Codes to city/state as well as the other way around.

Non-Postal Addresses

Millions of addresses that are not included in the USPS database.

Batch vs Single Lookup

Process multiple addresses at a time.

Vacancy/Active Status

Indicates if an address is vacant (according to USPS).

Cloud-Based Hosting

All features are hosted in the cloud.

Carrier Route, eLOT

Delivery sequence of the postal carrier.

Address Components

The various parts that make up a full address (such as a house number, street type, etc.).

Congressional District

The US Federal congressional district.

Delivery Point Barcode

The 12-digit number used to generate the barcode for bulk mail sorting.

US Extract API

Find and validate US addresses within full text strings.

Plans starting at 150k monthly lookups (or 1.8 million yearly) include:

VIP Onboarding (Custom)

Awesome onboarding for enterprise-level accounts. Learn more

HIPAA Compliance (Unlimited & Custom)

Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Redacted PII

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is removed from processed addresses.

Dedicated Account Rep (Custom)

A go-to Smarty representative for all of your needs.

Enhanced Data Privacy (Add-on)

Data processed through our tools is not logged at all. Learn more

SOC2 Compliance

Industry standard 3rd-party audit that demonstrates our commitment to security and long-term sustainability.

Emergency Support (Custom)

Top-priority support for your needs.

Custom Legal Terms (Add-on)

We can apply custom legal terms for your company.

GDPR Compliance (Custom)

General Data Protection Regulation (European).

CCPA Compliance (Custom)

California Consumer Privacy Act.


How do paid subscriptions work?

A paid subscription expires when the lookups or the time runs out, whichever comes first. At that moment, by default, our system automatically charges the credit card on file and renews the subscription at the same level. Learn more at "How Paid Subscriptions Work".

What happens if I run out of lookups?

If you go beyond your subscription level and you've opted to have your account auto-renew, we charge your card or invoice you for a new block of address lookups and renew your subscription starting on the current date. We do this so the service is always available for you. Learn more at "How Paid Subscriptions Work".

What are the overage costs?

We don’t have overage costs on depleted plans. Every yearly subscription has an expiration date that’s 365 days from the purchase date. If you exhaust your lookups before the expiration, your API requests will return a 402 error, "payment required." To avoid interrupted service, you can choose auto-renewal, which will renew a subscription with the same license/API before the depletion date. When renewing with an annual plan, your subscription will reset the expiration date to 365 days from the renewal date.

How do renewals work?

There are two ways to renew—you can set up your account to auto-renew or you can choose to be invoiced by Smarty (please note that only annual plans exceeding $500 are eligible for invoicing). Opting for automatic renewal means you never have to worry about your service shutting off due to having exceeded your plan's limits. When you have used 90% of your lookups, we'll send you an email to alert you that an automated billing charge is coming up. To learn more about our invoicing process and terms, please contact our Sales Team.

How much does it cost to cancel my subscription?

There are no cancellation fees. You have no commitments with Smarty's month-to-month plans, so there’s no cancellation fee. To cancel an annual plan, please contact your sales representative or send an email to

Can I keep the data I get from Smarty's US Address Verification?

Smarty™ allows you to keep all the data you've previously validated even if you no longer need to use Smarty's US Address Verification. US Rooftop Geocoding data, however, can only be stored as long as you have an active US Rooftop geocoding subscription.

How does Smarty count address verification lookups?

Smarty™'s US Street Address API looks at addresses as a whole. Each address submitted for validation, whether in bulk or individually, is counted as a lookup. The US Street Address API doesn’t count individual keystrokes as lookups as it does with US Autocomplete Pro API.

Does Smarty validate non-postal addresses?

Smarty™'s US Address Verification has access to over 20 million non-postal addresses. What is a non-postal address? Non-postal addresses are addresses that USPS does not deliver to and are not found in the USPS database. Smarty™ is still able to identify these addresses.

Does Smarty's US Address Verification have secondary and meta info?

Smarty™ validates addresses down to the secondary level, including apartment and suite numbers. And Smarty provides up to 55 points of metadata on addresses. These data points include DPV match code, residential or commercial indicator (RDI), latitude and longitude, county FIPS code, carrier route, ZIP type, time zone, congressional district, vacancy status, and much more.

What support comes with US Address Verification?

You get unlimited, free support from people who promptly answer you. Smarty™'s Support Team comprises experts—no novices and no time-wasting phone scripts. Try us, and we think you'll agree our unlimited, no-cost support is better than other companies' paid support. You can reach our stellar Support team via phone, chat, or email between 8 AM and 5 PM Mountain Time.