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Smarty's QGIS Geocoding plugin allows you to interactively geocode addresses in the US using QGIS—one of the most widely used GIS products on the planet. Millions of users throughout the world use QGIS to help them map, visualize, and share geographic information. Smarty's QGIS Geocoding plugin makes it easy to validate, geocode and map your U.S. address data using a single utility.
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The Most Accurate QGIS Geocoding Plugin For U.S. Addresses

What sets Smarty's Geocoding QGIS plugin apart from the rest?—simplicity and accuracy. There are several geocoding plugins in QGIS to choose from, but Smarty's QGIS plugin is the easiest to use and most accurate (95% of addresses are geocoded down to the rooftop and parcel). Simply enter an address and let our plugin validate, geocode, and plot it on your map. There's no copying, pasting, or switching between different applications.
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No Subscription Needed

Unlike other popular QGIS plugins, you don't need a subscription to use this tool. It's free! You do need to have QGIS installed, but QGIS is also free. Once you've installed the plugin, you're ready to geocode addresses to your heart's delight. It's the perfect tool for those who want to validate and map a few addresses on the fly as they work in QGIS.
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Verify and Batch Geocoding Addresses

While a subscription is not required to use the plugin, Smarty customers who do have a subscription have the additional benefit of batch geocoding using a CSV file format. This is particularly useful when you want to visualize the relationship of several addresses all at once.
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Baked in Smarty US Address Autocomplete and Verification

Our QGIS Geocoding Plugin has Smarty's US Address Autocomplete and US Address Verification products baked right in. As you enter a single address, the Smarty plugin will suggest pre-verified addresses, saving you time and frustration. For batch geocoding, Smarty will verify each address and indicate whether it is valid or not.
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What is QGIS?

QGIS is one of the most widely used GIS products on the planet. People all over the world use this free, open-source utility to create, edit, visualize, analyze, and publish geospatial information on base maps such as Google Maps of Bing Virtual Earth. QGIS is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Android. Visit the QGIS homepage to learn more about its capabilities. You can even help refine QGIS by joining the community for developers and contributing documentation or translations.

How do I geocode in QGIS?

Open up QGIS and go to the plugin repository on the menu bar. Click manage and install plugins and search for Smarty in the search bar. Once you’ve installed the plugin you can look up a single address and our QGIS plugin will return the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) for that address along with some bonus metadata that pertains to that location (County FIPS, Congressional District, etc. Visit our documentation for step-by-step instructions and tutorials regarding how to geocode addresses in QGIS.

Do I need to have QGIS installed to use this plugin?

Yes, you do need to have QGIS installed on your machine to use this plugin. Luckily, QGIS is free and works with multiple systems. You can download QGIS here.

Where can I download the plugin?

The Smarty US Geocoding QGIS Plugin is easiest to install while using QGIS—just search for Smarty in the plugins menu. Our documentation will walk you through the entire installation with step-by-step instructions. You can also download the plugin directly from the QGIS website.

When would I use this plugin?

The Smarty US Geocoding QGIS Plugin is extremely helpful when you want to visually map your address data and get the corresponding geographic coordinates but don’t necessarily want to set up a geocoding API or mess with coding. Perhaps you're an insurance carrier who needs exact geocoding to map out where particular properties are located? Maybe you want to see how close the street address of a new retail location would be to prospective customers? The use cases are only limited by your imagination.

Do I need a subscription to use the Smarty US Geocoding QGIS Plugin?

No, you do not need a subscription to the Smarty US Geocoding QGIS Plugin, if you’re geocoding single addresses. Those who do have a subscription to Smarty’s US Rooftop Geocoding product, however, have the added ability to geocode a list of addresses within QGIS via an input CSV file. Visit our website to learn more about US Rooftop Geocoding pricing.

How accurate is the geocoding the plugin provides

The Smarty QGIS Geocoding Plugin is incredibly accurate because it uses the same technology behind Smarty’s US Rooftop Geocoding engine. You can learn more about the different levels of geocoding and compare geocode features here.