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Smarty's location data solutions are the bomb for communication services. Leading companies use them to optimize networks, track assets, discover opportunities, retain customers, and more.

Telecom Solutions
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Jazz up performance using Smarty

Improve data accuracy, customer insights, and security


Optimize networks

Tap into roof-top accurate geocodes to visualize location data and unveil network coverage and expansion opportunities.

Manage network assets

Smarty location data helps pinpoint network assets, improving operations and elevating accounting accuracy.

Blend data

Standardize and fix addresses to match records across datasets. Make merging them a breeze.

Enhance address data

Tap into Smarty's address intel with over 350 data points on structure, location, and finances to power up your campaigns.
Customer Lifecycle

Acquire, retain, and win back customers

Boost your game with top-notch address lists that enhance acquisition, retain customers, and provide market insights.

Prevent fraud

Easily hook up Smarty APIs to fight fraud with on-the-fly address checks, beefing up security and reducing losses.

Reduce mistakes and improve delivery

Over 20% of online-entered addresses are messed up. Fix them to cut costs and sweeten the customer experience.
10-15%Addresses in the database fixed

Results achieved with Smarty

Lightstream's technicians get correct addresses with accurate apartment and suite numbers to find service locations quickly on the first attempt.Learn Full Story

What our customers are saying

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We evaluated quite a few providers and felt that Smarty was the right partner for us, given their user-friendly approach and robust support. It checked all of our boxes.
Mel CummingsVP, Product Management & UX, Fabletics
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