Geocoding for P&C insurance

Throw fewer risk analysis Hail Marys with rooftop geocoding. US Rooftop Geocoding comes equipped with SmartyKey™, a persistent unique identifier, to assist you in accurately relating third-party risk data to a specific property regardless of address changes.

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Start your quest for the best address data

Avoid disastrous risks with hyper-accurate geocoding and property data


Accurately geocode properties

As smooth as hitting a hole-in-one, leveraging US Rooftop Geocoding to pinpoint the coordinates of structures, underwriters can deftly assess hazards, ensuring precise underwriting decisions when integrated with a persistent unique identifier.

Connect risk data to addresses

Alohomora! Unlock the best results with SmartyKey, a Persistent Unique Identifier (PUID), to relate Smarty's address data to your catastrophe modeler for a game-winning play despite address audibles.

Streamline underwriting

Accurate address data is like the marauders' map of the underwriting process. Build policies with confidence using hundreds of property attributes. Easily identify excluded risks by confirming answers to application questions.

Enhance straight-through-processing

Starting with a valid address is critical to writing accurate policies or processing claims. US Address Autocomplete facilitates straight-through processing by preventing insufficient address data at the entry point.

Verify current policies

Call a penalty on the policies in your current book of business that violate underwriting guidelines. With Smarty's APIs, reviewing and verifying the property geocodes and other property attributes of millions of addresses is fast and easy.
97%Rooftop-accurate geocodes
2.5B+Addresses processed daily

Accurate fire and weather risk modeling

Hippo accurately predicts future risks and understands its exposure while getting better pricing on reinsurance.Read Full Story

What our customers are saying

Firetruck with emergency lights on, behind two orange traffic cones. Three police SUVs behind the firetruck, all with lights on. Late at night on a highway.
Smarty has provided VOLO with fast & accurate geocoding services for over 10 years. The Smarty API provides real-time results as users enter location addresses.
Patrick KellyChief Financial Officer, VOLO


Why should I choose Smarty?

Smarty is the smart choice. With a cloud-based service with 100% uptime, your address data will be processed faster and more efficiently than with any other service. Going with us means you'll be up and running in no time, implementation is easy with access to real-life support, and documentation written by experts. Get the most bang for your buck just like many industry leaders like Microsoft, Siemens, FedEx, Aflac, NASA, and thousands more. We're happy to welcome you to this elite group that grooves on value, performance, and service.

Where can I learn more about Smarty's address verification APIs?

See Smarty's Cloud API Documentation to learn about the APIs, including authentication, HTTP resources, and recommended best practices.

Can I integrate Smarty within our CRM system?

Yep. As long as you can make an HTTP request and parse a JSON response, our APIs can be implemented in almost any CRM. Learn more about Smarty API capabilities.

Can I try before buying?

For Sure! Get a 30-day free trial of address verification/validation. No credit card is required. With the free trial, you can experience the full version of single address verification, bulk address verification, and API integration with your systems and processes. Free trials come with 1,000 lookups. If you need more lookups for your trial, contact our cool sales peeps.

How much does address verification cost?

If you’re looking for the industry’s best value, you’re in the right place. Smarty pricing scales to fit your needs and there are no setup fees. Smarty pricing is appreciated by smart business owners and managers, regardless of business type.