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US Property Data

US Property Data offers over 350 property attributes and property information to inform risk and investment decisions.

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Enhance risk assessmentEnhance Risk Assessment

By pairing our rooftop geocoding with comprehensive property data, you get more precise information to help make accurate risk assessments.

Improving investment decisionsImprove Investment Decisions

350+ property data characteristics for an accurate investment assessment regardless of whether it's a residential or commercial property.

Unify property dataUnify All Property Data

Manage address aliases, public records, identify duplicative info, and merge property data with Smarty’s unique identifier, SmartyKey™

Christopher Merkel
"Our partnership with Smarty was a great strategic choice for supporting our property casualty customers with reliable address validation."
Christopher Merkel, Sapiens' VP and Chief Architect
350+ property data characteristics
Cloud-native for scalability and security
5-star human support team in the USA
Quick setup with our super easy API
Patrick K
"Smarty has provided VOLO with fast & accurate geocoding services for over 10 years."
Patrick K, CFO

What Property Data Does Smarty Provide?

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60+ Property Location Attributes

Precise geographic property characteristics are vital to creating property profiles for investing and risk management. Property location attributes include structure elevation, county, city, mailing address topography, so that you can make better strategic business decisions. Learn more

150+ Property Structure Attributes

Use this dataset to take the guesswork out of assessing a building's structural components and create accurate descriptions of the property. Structural data points include square footage, roof material & type, and construction type. Learn more

130+ Financial Data Points

Simplify the way your business gathers financial data on properties. Financial data points can help you get an accurate assessment of a property Smarty's financial data includes the property's total market value, assessed value, tax data, prior sale amount, and other financial information to enhance your business decisions. Learn more

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What Businesses Benefit from Smarty US Property Data?

Many industries benefit from property data and address enrichment services. Check out how the following industries use US Property Data. Connect with an expert today to see how it can work for your business!

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Property and Casualty Insurance Companies

Property data enrichment is crucial for accurate underwriting and Department of Insurance compliance. Insurance companies can confidently create new programs and bind new policies with the assistance of Smarty's 350+ property data characteristics including landownership, square footage, parcel boundaries, and correct property identification.

Real Estate

Having a comprehensive understanding of property characteristics benefits various professionals in the real estate industry, such as real estate agents, brokers, lenders, and appraisers. This understanding leads to more informed investment decisions and increased client satisfaction. Smarty's US Property Data provides essential information like appraised value, parcel boundaries, total market value, tax details, and much more to facilitate this process.

Banks and Lending

Property data improves banking and lending by enabling precise risk assessment, underwriting, fraud prevention, and streamlined portfolio management. It offers real-time market insights, ensures optimal pricing, aids regulatory compliance, speeds up customer applications, and informs investment advice. Ultimately, this empowers businesses for informed decisions, efficient marketing, and exceptional customer experiences.

Retail Companies

Real property can pose a difficult hurdle for growing retail companies. Smarty's US Property Data can assist with identifying your next top-performing location. Retail companies can select the best sites for their company by utilizing our property record data, including area tax information, market value, parcel boundaries, and assessed value.

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Enhance Business Strategy

Equipped with 350+ real property characteristics, you can build an informed business case and make better strategic decisions on risks and investments.

Improve the Client Experience

Get historical and construction data to confirm the parcel attributes on your clients' quotes or applications and expedite your approval processes.

Make Your Data Consistent

Smarty Property Data is coupled with SmartyKey, a persistent address identifier, guaranteeing accuracy for every address despite any modifications, such as street renames, boundary realignments, or other changes.

Ivan R
"There are plenty of pre-built integrations with Smarty. We have also found their API to be robust for custom applications."
Ivan R, VP of IT

Experience the Effortless Integration of Smarty's US Address Enrichment API with Legendary Support

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Easy-to-Follow Documentation

Some APIs are dreadful to implement. Smarty's US Address Enrichment API isn't one of those. Software engineers love the simplicity of Smarty's magical documentation built by developers for developers. Smarty helps you skip the implementation hassle and access our file geodatabase faster.

Easy-to-understand Terms

We make terms and conditions easy to understand with minimal revisions.

Beyond Compare, Expert, Free-of-Charge Support

Skip the phone tree and talk directly to Smarty's US-based support team. You may never need to talk to our legendary support team, but if you do, we think you'll love them as much as we do.

Joe H.
"The APIs are well-built, and the documentation is very clear."
Joe H., Senior Consultant

Optimize Business Returns With Scalable Property Data Plans

Our US Property Data plans can scale with your business. From 5,000 lookups to over 20 million, Smarty's property data experts can help you select a plan to match your needs. Connect with an expert today.

Chris A.
"I have been using Smarty for seven years, and it never fails me."
Chris A., Partner

How Others Are Using Smarty

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How often is Smarty US Property Data updated?
From streets being renamed to building renovations, property characteristics are often changing. To provide our customers with the most recent property data, we push updates to our product monthly.
How do I purchase Smarty US Property Data?
Smarty's US Property Data is scalable to your business. If you're just starting, we have subscriptions you can purchase online for up to 15,000 lookups. Suppose you're looking for more extensive or custom plans. Our property data experts can help you build a custom plan from 50,000 to 5,000,000 lookups.
What if a property doesn't have a lot of data?
Smarty strives to provide as much data as possible on each property. However, in some cases, our sources provide minimal data on specific properties. We're constantly updating and improving our data sources and properties with limited data now and may have more data in future monthly updates.
Can I buy US Property Data by county or state?
No, Smarty's US Property Data is only available on per-lookup subscriptions. Plans start with as few as 5,000 lookups, but can be purchased up to 250,000,000 lookups. Discover the right plan for your business by visiting our pricing page. Visit Pricing Page
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