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Leverage Smarty's address data intelligence platform to streamline patient check-ins, improve data governance, and minimize regulatory violations. Smarty makes managing your patients' address data easy.

Healthcare Solutions
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Level up with precision address data

Match more records, simplify compliance, and elevate patient experience


Match more with Project US@

Easily configure our API to return verified address data in the standardized Project US@ format to improve patient ID and matching.

Minimize HIPAA violations

Fix incorrect and invalid addresses, ensuring your clients' sensitive information doesn't fall into the hands of nasty hobitses.

Reduce mailing costs

Mailing to the correct addresses helps you qualify for bulk mailing discounts and reduces postage and handling costs—Scrooge approved.

Simplify patient check-ins

Auto-suggest verified addresses as patients complete your forms to simplify form fills, improve conversion rates, and boost data quality.
Data Blending

Improve address data quality

Standardize and fix addresses to identify the same records in multiple datasets. Make blending a snap.
1,189Lives saved from better address data

Results achieved with Smarty

Standardized addresses with subunit information help merge outside data sources to educate and report on fire prevention training.Read Full Story

What our customers are saying

A man in a Red Cross vest with gray t-shirt holding a drill to a door frame, another man in a Red Cross shirt and jeans walking on the other side of the door.
The Smarty tool has been fundamental in helping us clean the data and build our models...I've never experienced any issues with the tools, and they seem to be getting better all the time.
Jake JanecekProject Manager, Red Cross
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