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Leverage Smarty's address data intelligence platform to streamline patient check-ins, improve data governance, and minimize regulatory violations. Smarty makes managing your patients' address data easy.

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Easily Comply With Project US@

Trying to meet Project US@ requirements? Smarty has you covered. You can easily configure our US Street Address API to return verified address data in the appropriate format to meet Project US@ standards. Talk to a member of our team to learn more.
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Minimize HIPAA Violations

Smarty's highly accurate and CASS-certified address verification fixes incorrect and invalid addresses, ensuring your clients' sensitive information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Whether it's EOBs, EOCs, billing statements, or invoices, Smarty can help you ensure that your patients' information is handled appropriately.
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Reduce Mailing Costs

Ensuring you're sending statements to the correct recipients also means less wasted costs and resources on mail that never reaches its intended recipient. Using Smarty's address verification can also help you qualify for bulk-mailing discounts from USPS.
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Simplify Patient Check-Ins

Smarty's address autocomplete suggests addresses to the user as they're typing. After entering just a few characters, patients can quickly select their standardized and validated address from a list of localized options. Having users choose a pre-validated address rather than requiring them to type it out saves time and prevents bad addresses from entering your database.
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Improve Address Data Quality

Merging and maintaining address data can be chaotic. Smarty's easy-to-implement APIs help you standardize, validate, and pinpoint addresses quickly. Smarty's cloud-based tools are secure, reliable, and lightning-fast. We can handle even the largest of address datasets.
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What Our Clients Say

[Smarty] does address verification for us and does it well! Their address auto-completion is a fantastic tool for our users…it limits the amount of typing one must do.
Timothy S., Web Development Project Manager
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