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Entering addresses on your website shouldn't be hard. Give your customers a better experience. convert more sales. Avoid bad data.

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Stop bad data

Prevent inaccurate address data from even thinking about entering your database.

Improve user experience

Enhance customer satisfaction with type-ahead predictions that simplify form fills.

Boost conversions

Reduce form abandonment & increase conversion rates by streamlining address input.
Get industry-leading accuracy

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Countries, territories, and languages supported


Characters before type-ahead prediction starts


Reduction in address data entry time


Reduction in input errors

The impact of autocomplete

Keep those trash addresses out of your system, delight your customers, and pump up form completions to boost your marketing and sales. Triple win!

Be sure you're getting clean data

It’s estimated that 20% of addresses entered online contain errors. International Address Autocomplete reduces errors by suggesting accurate addresses in real-time. Receive only standardized addresses to help dedupe data and merge datasets and keep that database squeaky clean!

Deliver a great customer experience

Your customers can reduce the time it takes to enter their address online by up to 80%! Deliver buttery-smooth, easy form fills and get stuff sent to the correct address the first time. Additionally awesome, you’ll avoid unnecessary delivery, chargeback, and customer service costs. Smiles all around.

Boost conversion rates

The byproducts of easier form fills include happier customers and increased conversion rates. Fabletics, an active lifestyle clothing brand for men and women, integrated autocomplete into its global website, and conversion rates increased by as much as 9.2%. Check it out.
Easy peasy setup to enable accurate form autocompletion in a jiffy

Global, localized, smart


All addresses verified

Predicted results only show validated addresses standardized according to official country formats for data you can count on. Oh, snap!

Local prioritization

The results prioritize local addresses based on country and postal code, improving the chances of quick and accurate address capture. Stupendo!

Real-time predictions

Predicted, verified addresses can be shown in real-time (as quickly as 150 milliseconds) within the first 3 keystrokes. Andele, Andele!

Subunits included

Results include apartment, suite, and other unit numbers for maximum address accuracy. It’s what the Chinese call 完全完成.

Truly global coverage

Works worldwide with every country and territory. Conquer the world with a single checkout form. Exhaustivo!

All languages supported

We enable customers to input addresses in whatever language they speak. It's a small world, after all.

130 address formats

The person entering an address may not know if the street name or number comes first in France, but we do—time for chillin' like a villain.


Fuzzy logic corrects errors and appends missing information to transform bad data into good at the database entry point. Magnifique!

Curated data

We supplement official country address data with other authoritative sources and mix in local expertise for thick coverage and smooth accuracy. Yum.

Incredibly simple API setup

Say goodbye to the headache of implementing new APIs. We have intuitive documentation and awesome SDKs in 10 languages with plenty of examples and sample code that even your grandma can understand—and she can barely code in Java. You’ll be up and running in no time.
lookup = InternationalAutocompleteLookup('Louis') = "FRA"


suggestions = lookup.result
1.6%-9.2%Increase in international conversion rate

Results achieved with Smarty

Fabletics increased international customer conversion rates from 1.6% to 9.2%, depending on the country.Read Full Story

What our customers are saying

Two fit young women with diverse bodies stand together in the studio, wearing sportswear. Young females proudly showing their dedication to a healthy lifestyle of fitness and exercise.
We evaluated quite a few providers, and felt that Smarty was the right partner for us, given their user-friendly approach and robust support. It checked all of our boxes.
Mel CummingsVP, Product Management & UX, Fabletics

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Unlimited, unmatched, free support


When you reach out to our Support Team, they answer promptly. And Smarty's Support Team is made up of experts — no novices, no phone trees, and no time-wasting scripts. Try us, and we think you'll agree our unlimited, no-cost support is better than other companies' paid support. Smarty support: powered by real intelligence.

Simple terms


Our terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand, and we try to keep revisions to a minimum. When less can be more.

Clear and concise documentation

Your development team will feel like wizards regarding how quickly they can implement US Address Verification. Smarty's stellar documentation covers everything your developers need and want. Smarty provides APIs and SDKs built by developers for developers. When you choose Smarty, things might get weird when your developers set up a shrine to you.

Leading value with transparent pricing

Get straightforward pricing with no setup fees, commitments, or gimmicks. You can choose from flexible plans, including unlimited processing. Smarty's industry-leading value improves your bottom line without hidden fees or unwelcome surprises. Smiles only.
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International Address Autocomplete API

Here's where you can play with the different components for the API call.
Sample Data SetNeed help?

Input FieldsValues






Sample Request
curl -v ""
Implement in the language of your dreams with our choice SDKs.
API Response
us address autocomplete

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