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What is Bulk Address Validation?
Bulk or batch address validation is an address-scrubbing process that allows you to verify and clean large lists of addresses, ensuring they’re accurate and up-to-date. Try it yourself for free:
For complete instructions for using this tool, please see the documentation.
Validate up to 10 addresses. Use full version for more.
Step 1: Upload your address file below. Make sure it is formatted correctly. (Download example file) Only the first sheet will be processed for Excel files (.xls and .xlsx).
(Supported file types: .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .tsv, .psv, .txt)
Step 2: Process my list. (For this demo you will be limited to 10 demo lookups. Go here to use the full, unlimited version of this tool)
If you need larger files, better performance, or more custom control, use Smarty’s CLI tool.

Batch verify up to 1,000 address with a free trial.

The Benefits of Bulk Address Validation

Data Integrity: Parse, standardize, and validate your addresses to improve data accuracy and minimize errors.
Cost Savings: Avoid unnecessary, additional costs associated with failed deliveries or incorrect shipments to your mailing addresses and qualify for postal discounts.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Perform bulk mailing list address validation to ensure efficient deliveries, reduce customer complaints, and increase satisfaction.
Streamlined Operations: Reduce time and resources spent manually checking and correcting wrong addresses.
Better Geo-Intelligence: Improve logistics and marketing analysis with latitude and longitude data that Smarty™ provides with every validation result.
Global Reach: Ensure valid addresses globally to expand reach and ensure consistency in international transactions.
Scale: Leverage cloud-based solutions to enable scalable and flexible operations for businesses of varied sizes and requirements.
Fraud Prevention: Identify artificially created addresses.
Compliance: Comply with legal requirements to maintain accurate addresses and avoid penalties.

The Features of Smarty's Bulk Address Validation

Worldwide: Verify addresses in the official formats of all 248 countries and territories.
Fast: Fastest speeds available.
Accurate: Ensure precise batch address verification with a CASS-certified+ solution.
Comprehensive: Verify all 193 million+ USPS deliverable addresses plus more than 20 million non-deliverable addresses in the US alone.
Enhanced Matching: Match and perform address correction even on messy invalid addresses.
ZIP Code Lookups: Perform batch ZIP Code lookups by address and validate cities.
Address Metadata: Get up to 45 points of data with each address validation, including vacancy status, indication of residential or commercial addresses (RDI), and lat/long coordinates.
User-Friendly Platform: Makes the process of bulk address validation easy to manage.
Robust Documentation and Support: Easily leverage the benefits of batch address validation services.
Compliance with Postal Standards: Smarty's bulk mail list address validation service aligns with official postal standards, aiding in compliance, postage savings, reducing undeliverable mail, and improving postal service interactions.
Unlimited Processing: Economical options for large processing needs

Smarty's Bulk Address Validation Tool is your go-to solution for ensuring accurate address data. Our batch address verification software is a valuable asset for your business operations.


How can I validate a list of addresses?
To validate an entire list of addresses, follow the instructions in the free validation tool above. Note that this web tool defaults to demo mode, where you can only validate 10 addresses simultaneously. Get a free or paid account to process more addresses at once.

Alternatively, with a paid subscription, you can process your entire list with the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool.

We recommend the above web interface tool for smaller projects and the CLI for larger ones.

A paid subscription also unlocks Smarty's Google Sheets and Excel plugins that allow you to batch verify addresses right inside your spreadsheet programs.

Is it free to use the above bulk address validation tool?
Yes. You can verify up to 10 addresses at a time for free without an account in the above batch address verification tool.

Need more free lookups? Verify up to 1,000 US or 100 international addresses with a free trial.

Want to process even more in an address verification batch? Choose an economical validation plan to match your needs.

How do batch address verification services work?
Batch address verification services follow these steps:
  • Begin by normalizing and parsing the input data into its respective address components.
  • Then, the entire address is standardized and formatted according to the official postal address standards of the destination country or territory.
  • Next, the validation phase is initiated, where the standardized data is verified against Smarty's entire database to determine its accuracy and legitimacy. Users can turn on Enhanced Matching to help find and match even some incomplete addresses.
  • Finally, Smarty’s lookup-by-address process returns the standardized, correct addresses as well as the original input addresses.
How many addresses can I validate with your bulk address verification tool at a time?
The free web tool above limits you to 10 address checks per batch. With a paid subscription, you can process larger address files containing thousands of records. We recommend you use the above tool up to 25,000 addresses at once. For more than 25,000 addresses, we recommend you use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to do your bulk address list validation. You can verify huge batches of hundreds of thousands of addresses at once - the only limit on the amount you process through the CLI is your subscription limit.
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