Address Validation for lists

Got a list of addresses to process? We make it fast and simple.

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Convert address into proper USPS or international address format
Geocode returned for each valid address
Verify that each address is valid and complete
Up to 55 metadata points for each US address
Try Bulk Address Validation tool
Standardize and validate your addresses and enrich them with relevant data.
For complete instructions for using this tool, please see the documentation.
Validate up to 10 addresses. Use full version for more.
Excel (up to 100,000 rows) and CSV (up to 500,000 rows) are supported. Download Example.

Batch verify up to 1,000 address with a free trial.

The Benefits of Bulk Address Validation

Data Integrity: Parse, standardize, and validate your addresses to improve data accuracy and minimize errors.
Cost Savings: Avoid unnecessary, additional costs associated with failed deliveries or incorrect shipments to your mailing addresses and qualify for postal discounts.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Perform bulk mailing list address validation to ensure efficient deliveries, reduce customer complaints, and increase satisfaction.
Streamlined Operations: Reduce time and resources spent manually checking and correcting wrong addresses.
Better Geo-Intelligence: Improve logistics and marketing analysis with latitude and longitude data that Smarty™ provides with every validation result.
Global Reach: Ensure valid addresses globally to expand reach and ensure consistency in international transactions.
Scale: Leverage cloud-based solutions to enable scalable and flexible operations for businesses of varied sizes and requirements.
Fraud Prevention: Identify artificially created addresses.
Compliance: Comply with legal requirements to maintain accurate addresses and avoid penalties.


How can I validate a list of addresses?

To validate an entire list of addresses, follow the instructions in the free validation tool above. Note that this web tool defaults to trial mode, where you can only validate 10 addresses simultaneously. Get a free or paid account to process more addresses at once.

Alternatively, with a paid subscription, you can process your entire list with the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool.

We recommend the above web interface tool for smaller projects and the CLI for larger ones.

A paid subscription also unlocks Smarty's Google Sheets and Excel plugins that allow you to batch verify addresses right inside your spreadsheet programs.

Is it free to use the above bulk address validation tool?

Yes. You can verify up to 10 addresses at a time for free without an account in the above batch address verification tool.

Need more free lookups? Verify up to 1,000 US or 100 international addresses with a free trial.

Want to process even more in an address verification batch? Choose an economical validation plan to match your needs.

How do batch address verification services work?

Batch address verification services follow these steps:
  • Begin by normalizing and parsing the input data into its respective address components.
  • Then, the entire address is standardized and formatted according to the official postal address standards of the destination country or territory.
  • Next, the validation phase is initiated, where the standardized data is verified against Smarty's entire database to determine its accuracy and legitimacy. Users can turn on Enhanced Matching to help find and match even some incomplete addresses.
  • Finally, Smarty’s lookup-by-address process returns the standardized, correct addresses as well as the original input addresses.

How many addresses can I validate with your bulk address verification tool at a time?

The free web tool above limits you to 10 address checks per batch. With a paid subscription, you can process larger address files containing thousands of records. We recommend you use the above tool up to 25,000 addresses at once. For more than 25,000 addresses, we recommend you use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to do your bulk address list validation. You can verify huge batches of hundreds of thousands of addresses at once - the only limit on the amount you process through the CLI is your subscription limit.

More FAQ

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How long does it take?

A fraction of a second. We have paid plans that enable you to verify up to 75,000 addresses per second in the cloud. If speed is your need, we help you succeed.

What does all the data mean?

Here are your guides to the data, including the names of respective fields, field type, definition, and confirmation level.

Is all available address data returned in the free tool?

No. Free plans do not return all output field data. To receive all available output field data, consider purchasing a paid subscription.

Which results are considered valid?

For US addresses, see the DPV Match Code and Footnotes for more details. For international addresses, see the Verification Status. And for bulk ZIP Code lookups, see the Summary and Reason fields.

Which address formats and countries are covered?

Want to provide exceptional service to your international customers? Smarty™ is one of the world's leading address validation service providers.

We match the varying address structures and norms for all 248 countries and territories worldwide through our International Address Verification. We standardize and verify addresses according to each country's official postal authority, such as those provided by the USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, etc.

Whether you're dealing with addresses in the US, Europe, Asia, or any other region, we understand the nuances of different regional address formats — including differences in street naming conventions, postal code systems, and other regional specifics.

Expanding eCommerce globally? Integrate International Address Verification and Autocomplete to help ensure that your address data is accurate, standardized, and validated, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly checkout time and reduced cart abandonments for your customers worldwide.

Learn more about international address validation and foreign address formats.

Does Smarty offer transliteration?

Yes, our batch verification software includes transliteration. This functionality can be particularly beneficial when dealing with international addresses, facilitating a seamless translation of characters from one script to another and ensuring accurate address processing globally.

Learn about transliteration and how it can be used in address validation.

How can I make my list of addresses Smarty-friendly?

What methods are available for bulk address verification & which should I use?

Smarty specializes in cloud bulk address validation solutions.

To process addresses in bulk or batch in the cloud, you can use the above web interface tool, the Command Line Interface, or Smarty’s plugins for Google Sheets and Excel.

If you’re processing fewer than 25,000 US or 2,500 international addresses in a single batch, the above batch address validator tool will meet your needs. The above tool defaults to trial mode unless you’re logged into your account. You're limited to verifying 10 addresses at a time in trial mode. When logged into your account, you can process up to 25,000 US or 2,500 international addresses simultaneously, depending on your subscription level.

We recommend using the Command Line Interface if processing more than 25,000 US or 2,500 international addresses in a single batch. With an unlimited subscription, you can process millions of addresses.

You can also bulk verify by installing Smarty’s plugins for Google Sheets or Excel. The plugins enable you to validate right within your spreadsheet program.

For more information, contact sales.

Does bulk address validation work with Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV Files?

Yes, yes, and yes. In the above web interface tool, you’ll see the list of supported file types. Just upload your list from an Excel, CSV, or other supported file. Or, if you prefer, for addresses in an Excel spreadsheet, use our Excel extension. If your addresses are in Google Sheets, use our seamless Google Sheets extension. Finally, if using the CLI tool, you must convert your files to CSV format before validating.

Does Smarty offer an address verification API?

Yes, Smarty offers a variety of address validation APIs, including US Address Verification and International Address Verification services. With them, you can leverage the benefits of postal address verification in your website forms, CRM, or other platforms. For more information, visit our product pages on US Address Verification or International Address Verification. Or, see our API documentation.

Does Smarty offer address autocomplete APIs?

We sure do. You can autocomplete addresses on your online forms to avoid bad addresses in your postal mail lists and improve the customer experience in real-time. As customers start typing their street address, they’re presented with a short list of options, including their verified physical address. Just point and click, and voilà, the correct address is captured! You've now improved the shopping experience while capturing high-quality data for shipping products.

How do I get additional questions answered?

Here are some resources to help answer your questions:For additional address verification questions needing technical expertise, reach out to our support personnel. For questions regarding pricing, contact our sales team.

How do I buy a plan?

Simple - get started at our pricing page or contact sales.