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Our US Reverse Geocoding takes lat/long coordinates and transforms them into addresses. Smarty does it super fast and super accurate.

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curl -v ""
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What is reverse geocoding?

Reverse geocoding converts a location's latitude and longitude into an address. Smarty's reverse geocoder receives the longitude and latitude and deliver the 10 nearest addresses to that location. Businesses empowered with appended address data from reverse geocoding can make more precise data-based decisions, streamline operations, and deliver location-specific customer experiences.

How does reverse geocoding work?

The most efficient way to incorporate reverse geocoding is with a cloud-native system like Smarty's US Reverse Geocoding API. Being cloud-native makes integrating with your existing service providers and applications easy.

What are the benefits of reverse geocoding?

A reverse geocoding response translates each latitude and longitude into a human-readable address. Businesses can leverage accurate geocodes to improve navigation, target new markets, and simplify data interpretation for better decision-making.

What is a reverse geocode lookup?

You use a lookup each time you call the US Reverse Geocoding API and convert a latitude and longitude to an address. Custom US Reverse Geocoding plans range from 25,000 monthly lookups up to unlimited lookups.

How do I purchase reverse geocoding?

There are several ways you can purchase US Reverse Geocoding. You can buy Smarty's monthly and yearly US Reverse Geocoding online. Our online plans come with a set number of lookups you choose at checkout. Additionally, if your business requires more than 25,000 lookups, our address experts can customize a plan to suit your business. Learn more about unlimited lookups.

What is a geocode?

A geocode is a set of geographic coordinates that precisely identifies a location. Address geocoding is used in mapping, navigation systems, and various location-based services to pinpoint and represent locations accurately. They’re a universal way to identify and reference places across different applications and platforms.

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