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International Address Verification

Standardizing and validating global addresses can be a real pain with innumerable formats and unfamiliar spellings. Fortunately, Smarty's International Address Verification makes it easy.

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Fix international addresses

Reduce costly errors and get your goods to customers faster.

Standardize by country

Match address formats for all countries and territories worldwide.

Improve data integrity

Assure your databases are squeaky clean.

3 smart options

Verify addresses in whichever way helps you most at the moment.

Single address validation

One address at a time via our Single Address Verification tool.

Bulk address validation

Thousands of addresses at once via our Google Sheets extension, web tool, or CLI

Address validation API

Address validation integrated into your systems with our API
us address verification

The impact of address data

Ensuring data accuracy for successful deliveries and enhancing customer experience through smoother online transactions is the tip of the iceberg.

Accurate address data helps businesses with regulatory compliance and fraud prevention, safeguarding against discrepancies in customer information. Valid addresses enable automated processes, saving time and resources.

When data quality improves, better analysis, reporting, decision-making, and strategy follow.
Global, localized, accurate

Become an instant wizard of international address verification with a simple swish and flick of Smarty's tool.


Expand with swagger

You get the most comprehensive global coverage. Verify addresses in all 240+ countries and territories. Santa is one of our best customers.

Standardize in all country formats

Does the primary number or street name come first in Germany? Don’t worry—be happy. Your addresses will be formatted properly according to each country's official format.

Get roof-top accurate geocodes

Geocodes are output for all verified addresses. Most are rooftop accurate, and we tell you the level of accuracy for each address.

Cut costs

Slash delivery, chargeback, and customer service costs by getting mail, packages, and peeps to the correct address the first time.

Improve data governance

Standardize addresses to help group contacts, dedupe data, and merge even the most egregiously massive datasets.

Delight customers

Accelerate deliveries and boost your brand’s status to ROCKSTAR with faster mailers and product delivery!
Less Stress

Mitigate business risk

Take proactive measures to combat the rising threat of address fraud and bolster your risk assessment strategies.

Incredibly simple API setup

Say goodbye to the headache of integrating new APIs. You get intuitive documentation and awesome SDKs in 10 languages with plenty of examples and sample code that even your grandma can understand—and she can barely code in Java. You’ll be up and running in no time.
lookup = InternationalLookup()
lookup.address1 = "Rua Padre Antonio D'Angelo 121" = "Brazil"

candidates = client.send(lookup)

Did we mention

Unlimited, unmatched, free support


When you reach out to our Support Team, they answer promptly. And Smarty's Support Team is made up of experts — no novices, no phone trees, and no time-wasting scripts. Try us, and we think you'll agree our unlimited, no-cost support is better than other companies' paid support. Smarty support: powered by real intelligence.

Simple terms


Our terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand, and we try to keep revisions to a minimum. When less can be more.

Clear and concise documentation

Your development team will feel like wizards regarding how quickly they can implement US Address Verification. Smarty's stellar documentation covers everything your developers need and want. Smarty provides APIs and SDKs built by developers for developers. When you choose Smarty, things might get weird when your developers set up a shrine to you.

Leading value with transparent pricing

Get straightforward pricing with no setup fees, commitments, or gimmicks. You can choose from flexible plans, including unlimited processing. Smarty's industry-leading value improves your bottom line without hidden fees or unwelcome surprises. Smiles only.
Demo of GeoReference data

What our customers are saying

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We evaluated quite a few providers, and felt that Smarty was the right partner for us, given their user-friendly approach and robust support. It checked all of our boxes.
Mel CummingsVP, Product Management & UX, Fabletics

International Street Address API Tool

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curl -v ""
Implement in the language of your dreams with our choice SDKs.
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us address verification

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You can buy right now. Surprises are welcome when it comes to gender reveals and Happy Meal toys—not so much for pricing. Since your business has demanding budget expectations, knowing your exact costs is crucial. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees, no overage charges, and no surprises.

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