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So you like Advent of Code? You must like puzzles. Introducing the Smarty Advent Puzzle competition!

We'll draw three winners for one of three Nintendo Switch consoles at the end of the event.

nintendo switch

How do you get entered in the drawing?

Step 1: Register for our Private Leaderboard

Not sure how a private leaderboard works? You just sign up below, and then solve the Advent of Code puzzles as they come out. If you’re one of the top 50 on our private leaderboard, you'll get 1 entry in the drawing!

View our leaderboard to see current rankings.


The official Advent of Code team allows up to 200 participants per private leaderboard. Since more than 200 people participate, we have multiple Advent of Code team leaderboards and consolidate the participants into one custom Smarty leaderboard (linked above). If you're in a top spot in one Advent of Code team leaderboard, that does not mean you’re at the top of the overall Smarty leaderboard. You can check your overall ranking at the link above.


Step 2: Solve this week’s Smarty Advent Puzzle

For each correct answer to our puzzles, you'll get 5 additional entries in the drawing.

You may find you’d benefit from some address validation tools to solve these puzzles. You can get a free account here.