Real estate bliss

Location data is key in real estate, guiding everything from picking spots to listing properties. Savvy real estate pros leverage Smarty's address data intelligence to improve listings, efficiency, decision-making, and more.

Real estate Solutions
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Boost awesomeness

Improve property precision, evaluation, and management

Product integration

Enhance your offerings

Level up your product offerings by plugging in Smarty's solutions via an OEM arrangement. Boost product quality and usability.

Append property data

Crush your property analysis and spot development ops like a boss with up to 350 insightful property attributes.

Discover insights

Rooftop-accurate geocodes sync smoothly with the latest aerial and satellite imagery, giving you slick, intuitive visual views.
Property management

Bolster ops and marketing

Get and share the exact locations of all your properties for accurate listing searches, spot-on marketing, and smoother ops.

Understand the market

Super-precise geocodes and up to 350 crucial property data attributes help you nail market analysis and outplay the competition.
Data management

Standardize and blend data

Keep your address data tight. Fix, standardize, and identify duplicates. Blend data into a single source of squeaky-clean truth.
Fraud prevention

Block scams

Validate addresses on the fly to block scams like fake listings or accounts. Keep it real and secure.
95%resolution rate improved from 65%
112Mcleaned addresses

Results achieved with Smarty

Prop tech firm makes all 3rd-party addresses uniform to mix property info smoothly into a killer data package.Read Full Story

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What our customers are saying

Man wearing blue shirt and dark pants sitting on the floor next to a woman in a white shirt, leaning against white cabinetry.
We looked at other competitors, and Smarty was the only one with a fantastic API that could easily integrate with us.
Matt KruskampChief Technology Officer, Rentler