Address data like magic

Like an all-powerful wizard, Smarty’s APIs magically deliver 130+ financial property data points per address. Use these to make strategic investments, increase operational efficiency, and vigilantly fight those of whom we do not speak of… (whisper) fraudsters.

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Data that's on the money

Uncomplicate strategic planning, property investments, and government compliance


Ready, set, done

Delays are common in travel but shouldn't be in your processes. Faster than the starter's pistol, verify thousands of addresses and prevent errors from entering your database.
Fraud prevention

Fight crime from your keyboard

Prevent risk and stop your fraud arch-nemesis in their tracks with address verification and geocoding. Flag unvalidated addresses as a signal that someone is up to no good.

One database to rule them all

Migrating data can be as difficult as destroying a mind-controlling ring, but it doesn’t have to be. Smarty’s APIs with SmartyKey™ make blending data as easy as rabbit stew.
Data Cleansing

Stop errors before they start

To err is human, but to suggest, correct, standardize, and verify is divine. Smarty’s address autocomplete begins suggesting perfectly formatted addresses to your customers from their first keystroke.

Find your people

Unearth discoveries about your customers to deliver targeted, timely offers and effective direct mail campaigns with reduced waste. That’s because Smarty combines property and census data with address validation. Yay!

Everyone needs validation

Talk to a real person on the phone. No scripts. No tickets. No limits. We think you’ll agree, our free support is better than other companies' paid support. Mic drop. Boom.

Keep data safe and sound

No stressful sleepless nights here. Catch all the z's, knowing your data is under lock and key and compliant with KYC and AML regulations with address verification—Nighty night.

Shutout the competition

Rush your goals and polish processes with Smarty's address data. Predict marketing trends, flow through assessments, and make data-driven decisions before your opponent. Score!
3-5%decrease in undeliverable debit cards

Accurate address data to better serve migrants

Majority uses verified addresses to set up accounts and successfully deliver debit cards to migrants while staying KYC compliant.Read Full Story

Property Data: Financial

Make decisions easier than a sloth hitting the snooze button. With Smarty's financial data, you get an accurate assessment of a property, including total market value, assessed value, tax data, prior sale amount, tax jurisdiction, and more. Get the complete 130+ list of attributes and hit the ground running.
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What customers are saying

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Being able to help them find and select the right address—with secondary address data—is a huge improvement.
Nick SchuurmanProduct Team, MAJORITY
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