Google Sheets Address Validation

Effortlessly validate and geocode US addresses within your Google Sheets with Smarty's easy-to-use address verification extension.

Google sheets plugin address validation features

Super-fast and trustworthy API

No need to export address data

Ditch the copying and pasting. Smarty's Google Sheets extension allows you to validate US addresses directly in your spreadsheets. Whether you're mailing to your contacts or merging address data, validating the addresses within Google Sheets is a simple way to maintain your data's integrity and help the operations of your business run smoothly.

Verify every address in your sheet

Have a boatload of addresses to verify? No worries. Smarty's Google Sheet address verification extension can validate as many addresses as you can fit in your sheet. Whether you're dealing with 100 addresses or hundreds of thousands, it doesn't matter—we can handle it. You could go old school and manually correct and validate the addresses in your spreadsheet, but why would you when Smarty can do it in an instant?

Improve your geocode results

Smarty customers with an active US Rooftop Geocoding subscription get the additional benefit of hyper-accurate latitude and longitude coordinates in their results. Unlike some geocoding providers, Smarty allows you to use those geocodes with any mapping tool you wish. We suggest using our easy-to-use QGIS plugin.

Google sheets plugin address validation demo


Do I need an active Smarty subscription to use this?

Yes. The plugin will prompt you to log in using your Smarty credentials before you can validate the addresses in your Google Sheet..

How many addresses can I run at one time?

Smarty's address verification extension can handle as many addresses as you can fit in a Google Sheet.

Where do I get the Smarty Google Sheets extension?

You can download the Smarty Google Sheets extension from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Is the accuracy just as good as using Smarty's API?

Yes! You'll get the same accuracy you're used to with any of Smarty's other address validation tools.

Does it include metadata?

Yes! The valuable metadata you're accustomed to receiving from Smarty is available through the Google Sheets extension.

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