101 Ways To Use Address Verification - #1: Deduplication - SmartyArrow Icon
Deduplication means finding and removing duplicates. Every database or address list in the world..
401? 402? What does that mean? - SmartyArrow Icon
I'm getting an HTTP status code when I try to use the API. What does it mean?
9-digit ZIP Code (ZIP+4) for Finding Representatives & Legislators - SmartyArrow Icon
If you have a website that lets people lookup U.S. Government legislative districts or find...
9-digit ZIP Codes for Medicare Claims - SmartyArrow Icon
We've had a couple of customers call us about changes that Medicare has made regarding billing.
Address list management - SmartyArrow Icon
So, you've got a list of addresses. That requires some maintenance, especially if you use those....
Append Counties - SmartyArrow Icon
There's a little more to it than you might think. Did you know...?
Append missing ZIP Codes - SmartyArrow Icon
If, for any reason, your list doesn't have ZIP Codes, they can easily be appended with LiveAddress.
Can I get suggestions for apartment info? - SmartyArrow Icon
When attempting to validate an address, is there any way get a suggestion of possible...
Can I use your web service without internet access? - SmartyArrow Icon
I did use the service and it worked well but unfortunately I am not supposed to use a web service in...
Can I validate two addresses in a single form? - SmartyArrow Icon
I have billing and shipping address in single form and i want to implement the address...
CASS™ Processing - SmartyArrow Icon
CASS™ is a certification system from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for address validation.
Delivery Point Validation (DPV™) - SmartyArrow Icon
Delivery Point Validation™ (DPV®) is the process of verifying that an address is actually deliverable...
Do you provide time zone data? - SmartyArrow Icon
I've been using your Live Address API for many years, but I wonder if there could be something added to...
Do you support address verification of US military addresses? - SmartyArrow Icon
For example, when I tried to verify this address through your website I got "invalid address error"
eLOT® - Smarty
Arrow Icon
eLOT® (Enhanced Line of Travel) was developed by the USPS to allow mailers to sort their mailings...
Free Address Verification - SmartyArrow Icon
As of today, we are now offering completely free address verification to everyone, including...
How can I parse and verify freeform addresses? - SmartyArrow Icon
I receive addresses in a single-line, or freeform, format; they're not split into pieces like most forms...
How can I test the LiveAddress API jQuery Plugin on any website? - SmartyArrow Icon
This is fairly easy using your browser's web inspector tools. Here's a quick video showing...
How can I use autocomplete without the jQuery plugin? - SmartyArrow Icon
I'd like to use the LiveAddress autocomplete feature with my own implementation, and without using...
How do I avoid using localhost as the domain with the Javascript API? - SmartyArrow Icon
I'm the developer doing the integration of Smarty for my company. It's pretty much done...
How do I resolve ambiguous addresses with LiveAddress? - SmartyArrow Icon
I'm getting an error message trying to normalize an address.
How Do I Upload My List of Addresses? - SmartyArrow Icon
In order to upload a list of addresses, first you need to have a free account with us. Once you...
How do I validate the secondary (or unit) number? - SmartyArrow Icon
Does LiveAddress check for apartment number and suite and those types of data?
How To Print Barcodes (In Microsoft Word 2007) - SmartyArrow Icon
Printing barcodes for mailing envelopes speeds up delivery time andif done correctlyreduces postage prices.
How To Print Barcodes (In 3.1) - SmartyArrow Icon
Printing barcodes for mailing envelopes speeds up delivery time andif done correctlyreduces postage prices.
How To Use LiveAddress API On Your Website - SmartyArrow Icon
Implementing LiveAddress API on your website may seem like a challenge if you are new HTML...
LiveAddress API Field Definitions - SmartyArrow Icon
This guide is about understanding the response payload from the API To learn how to obtain a response...
LiveAddress API Outage - SmartyArrow Icon
Last Thursday morning, October 14, we experienced a significant address verification outage...
LiveAddress API Samples - SmartyArrow Icon
Sometimes the best way to learn a new API is to hit the ground running. Or, as Tony Stark says...
LiveAddress API with Javascript - SmartyArrow Icon
Making requests to LiveAddress via Javascript is easy: just follow REST endpoint documentation Let's look...
LiveAddress API's REST endpoint - SmartyArrow Icon
If you can already make requests, see how to parse the JSON/XML response.
NCOALink® - Smarty
Arrow Icon
National Change of Address (NCOALink®) is a process whereby postal customers can let the USPS...
New ZIP Codes - SmartyArrow Icon
A recent press release announced that forty-five new ZIP Codes are being added to the USPS data. PAVE Certification - SmartyArrow Icon
As many of you know, we have been working on a web-based, on-demand PAVE solution for our customers. Provides a "Green",Alternative to Mailing Software - SmartyArrow Icon
The green color that represents does more than just contribute to an attractive...
RDI - SmartyArrow Icon
RDI means. Basically, it indicates whether an address is a residential or commercial location.
Residential or Commercial? Yep, it's included. - SmartyArrow Icon
The USPS provides a delivery status indicator for each address. They call this the Residential...
Salesforce Plugin Documentation - SmartyArrow Icon
Please be aware that this plugin is no longer supported by Smarty. The plugin and its...
Should addresses be in UPPERCASE? - SmartyArrow Icon
I heard that addresses must be in all caps or UPPERCASE in order to qualify for bulk mailing discounts.
We know where you live. - SmartyArrow Icon
Seriously, we know where you live. Meaning we could find it with just a GPS device.
What constitutes a "bad address"? - SmartyArrow Icon
Excellent question, and one that we have never specifically answered in writing...
What does the extra info at the end of the address mean? - SmartyArrow Icon
I have an address that you validated but I'm not sure what to make of it. The address is:v5600 Post...
What exactly is a Street Genius? - SmartyArrow Icon
Street Genius, is that like a Jedi?
What happens to non-address information such as ID or phone number? - SmartyArrow Icon
Will I get back the phone number, email address, ID, and other non-address data that I submit...
What IP addresses do we need to access the LiveAddress API? - SmartyArrow Icon
My IT group wants to know what range of IP addresses they need to allow through our firewall to access the
What is a CMRA (private) mailbox? - SmartyArrow Icon
Just what is a CMRA? Why is knowing this important?
What is the response time for the API in milliseconds? - SmartyArrow Icon
How long does it take to get a response from your API once we submit the address for validation?
Where can we get the 13-digit city abbreviation? - SmartyArrow Icon
We have labeling constraints that require that our city names are often 15 characters or less.
Why are rural addresses not included in your database? - SmartyArrow Icon
I am familiar with a rural location that I have been testing on your liveaddress API. It is 30 Ash Grove...
Why is the address data combined onto one line? - SmartyArrow Icon
We've recently started supplying a separate Unit Number field to your address validator. The validator...
Why is the validated address different from the original address? - SmartyArrow Icon
I have checked multiple sources and all my records show that this address is correct. Why then is your...
Why We Started a Web-Based (SaaS) Address Verification Company - SmartyArrow Icon
We're technical guys. We're Internet marketing guys. We have had a lot of success over...