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Can I use your web service without internet access?


Last Updated: April 4, 2013

I did use the service and it worked well but unfortunately I am not supposed to use a web service in my project. Rather, it should be an offline database or something so that the data can be stored locally. Do you have any idea about this?

Well, its not a security issue, its going to be the nature of the application. The application is going to be operated in an environment where internet won't be available. Do you have any idea or suggestion how can i acquire a data like this?


Our address data is updated monthly and the database is very large. We don't offer any kind of offline address verification services. The majority of the work that our service performs (address parsing, adddress validation, address standardization) is done server side and in order to ensure the consistency of the results, we do not offer an offline service.

I have heard of some other companies such as QAS and Melissadata that may offer an offline version.

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