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9-digit ZIP Codes for Medicare Claims

We've had a couple of customers call us about changes that Medicare has made regarding billing. I just wanted to post about how Qualified Address solutions can help providers with this billing change.

In the past, Medicare has assigned the payment locality for services performed by looking up the patients county using a 5-digit ZIP Code. Unfortunately, quite a few ZIP Codes cross county lines; Medicare was running into problems with assigning the right county to an address using only the 5-digit ZIP Code. Beginning in October 1, 2007, Medicare began to require physicians and providers to use a nine-digit ZIP Code when filing their claims, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Qualified Address has a few solutions that can help physicians with this problem.

First, we have a data-cleansing service that will add the +4 Code to any valid address. This solution costs as little as $29.95, and will update all the addresses currently in your database with the +4 Code.For more information, please visit .

Second, we have an Address Validation API that can be used to add +4 Codes to addresses as they are entered into your database. This solution costs as little as $19.95/month. For more information, please visit the Address Verification API page at .

Please contact our sales department if you have any questions or comments about these solutions - 1 (801) 877-5779.

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