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Free Address Verification for the Masses

One of the great things about working at SmartyStreets has been offering our great services to nonprofits at absolutely no charge . But this was just an initial step. We're now pleased to announce an absolutely free subscription to our LiveAddress API! No really, we're not joking! We recognize that for many small businesses, address verification is just not high enough on the priority list, or is too expensive to merit attention. We hope to change all that by offering a free monthly subscription that includes 250 lookups.

The only thing to be aware of is that the subscription can only be renewed once per month. If your usage goes above 250 address lookups per month you'll need to purchase a paid subscription that allows higher usage and will automatically renew when you run out of lookups.

So you may be wondering why we would do this. Are we out of our minds? Short answer: yes. Honestly, we imagine a world in which all data points are standardized, verified, and a benefit to the organizations to which they pertain (rather than a hindrance)...a world where you don't have to wonder whether a proposed shipping address is deliverable...a world where all the addresses have 12-digit Delivery Point barcodes and a 'Y' for the DPV code ...

Basically, we're hoping to make the world a better place, 250 addresses at a time.

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