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"API. What? A pi? I like pie."

An API (Application Programming Interface) provides a way for a website or other application to interact with and use data or services that are provided. (Programmers love good APIs!)

Our LiveAddress API allows you to use our address verification service in real-time from within your website or application. It allows you to offer additional services without the need to program them yourself.

Why we—and you—like APIs

APIs bring a great degree of power, versatility, and functionality to your existing code.

For example, Facebook made an API called the Facebook Platform which allows any developer to hook into the vast, powerful social network of Facebook. Instead of spending years and millions of dollars re-creating Facebook, a developer can simply use its API to access its unique features and content.

Along the same lines, we've made an API so that you can harness the power of USPS-approved address verification. It's called the LiveAddress API—and it's so easy to use that you can be running in just seconds. (Not to mention that you can get started totally free.)

This means that you don't have to expend resources on something outside of your business focus to write a CASS-Certified™ address verification system, nor do you have anything to download, install, or maintain. The API makes it super-easy for you to add powerful address verification to your website, program, or app (or anything!) and benefit from its service.

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