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How Do I Comply With Privacy Laws?

One question you may be facing in deciding whether to get an address scrubbing tool is whether you can certify/verify data without giving away Private Customer Data. The answer is yes.

Your compliance with privacy laws is very important to us. No need to send us Private Customer Data. We only need addresses. When we obtain the addresses on your list, they are without names because names are irrelevant to us. We simply scrub the addresses, and send them back to you, where you can link them back with the rest of your customers' information.

In this tutorial for submitting lists to be processed, we will use Microsoft Excel to show how this is possible. For demonstration purposes, we have compiled a list which uses public informationthe addresses of the ten McDonald's locations closest to the ZIP Code 90210attached to ten random, made-up names.

3 Steps for Submitting a List

1. Copy the information. Open the list you want to submit, and select the columns that contain the street, city, state, and zip-code data. In the example, notice that columns B through E are selected while column A, which contains private customer data (names), is left alone. Copy the data by right-clicking and choosing copy, or by pressing CTRL + C on your keyboard.


2. Create a scrub-ready Excel file. Open a new spreadsheet in Excel. Paste the data you have just copied into the new spreadsheet (to do this, right-click and select paste, or press CTRL + V). Notice that the data remains in the order it originated.

The following image shows how the data should look when you send it out. Notice thee are no names!


3. Save and send. Save the new Excel file, and send a copy to us for scrubbing.
*Note: Using a G-Mail or Yahoo! email account (vs. a corporate email account) to send us the file will ensure anonymity.*

After receiving your list, we will run it through our system, and return it scrubbed and ready to go. The list we return is in the same order that you submitted it, but it has been corrected, standardized , etc.


To attach the scrubbed data back to your original list, select and copy the new data (cells A1 through D11).
Then, open the original file (with the corresponding names) and re-attach (copy and paste) the scrubbed list into the columns. You now have a clean address list! Notice that the data is still in the same order.


The standardized list of addresses comes with many columns of information pertaining to barcodes and postal discounts, which will appear in further columns, but the rows should remain the same.

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