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How Do I Start My Free Trial of CASS-Certified Scrubbing?

For your convenience as a costumer to be able to test out our products, each of our scrubbing services come with a free trial of 25 scrubbed addresses.

This tutorial shows you how to take advantage of the free trial of CASS-Certified Scrubbing.

1. Visit the website. Go to, and navigate to the CASS-Certified Scrubbing page.

2. Start trial. Near the top, right corner of the CASS-Certified Scrubbing page, is a link labeled Start a free trial > . Click on it. [Image]

3. Login/Create a customer account. Clicking on the free trial button will direct you to the Login page. If you do not already have an account with us, create one nowremember, its completely FREE ! To create a new account, click on Create a free account, highlighted in green. Enter your information in the correct boxes. Create a password and click the Create Account button.


4. Manage your account. Once you have created an account (or logged on to your existing account), you will be directed to the Account Overview page where you can manage your account, view your purchases, and get started on scrubbing your address lists. Clicking on the Manage button, located under the caption Account Services will enable you to upload your address lists for scrubbing.

5. Upload your list. Click on the Upload New List button, and follow the instructions to have your list scrubbed in minutes!

upload a list

*For more help in uploading your list, visit our post titled How Do I Upload My List of Addresses ?*

Take advantage of this free trial by visiting today!

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