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Plugin appearance / CSS

This plugin is deprecated and will receive no continued development.

The two main UI components are:

  • Status indicator: Status indicator
  • A popup box to handle ambiguous and invalid addresses: Popup example

You can customize the look and feel of the UI to match your website simply by adding some style rules to your CSS document.


Since the plugin is designed to survive in some hostile web page environments, it was necessary for us to force certain rules to preserve usability. If you experience difficulty getting your style rules to override some of our defaults, try using the !important declaration. We also strongly recommend the use of browser inspector tools, furnished with every major modern desktop web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera.

The CSS for our default UI is prepended to your <head> tag, which means all rules after them will cascade on top.

Table of CSS classes

CSS class Description
.smarty-ui A class which contains any other plugin UI elements. This is a catch-all class.
.smarty-dots The "loader" dots animation that shows while the address is verifying; it is hidden by default, but appears over the last input of the address.
.smarty-hr The hr separator that is displayed below #smarty-popup-secondary-number-form-submit-button and above .smarty-choice-alt. Only for popups dealing with addresses missing secondary numbers. Note: verifySecondary must be set to true for this form to appear.
.smarty-choice-list The container for the list of ambiguous address result options in a popup window.
.smarty-choice-alt The container for the "Try again" (certifyMessage button) and "Use as it is" (changeMessage button).
.smarty-choice-abort The link(s) in a popup window which abort the verification process (the user agrees to review the address).
.smarty-choice-override The alternate option in a popup window for invalid or missing secondary addresses where the user certifies their address is correct.
.smarty-tag The container for the status indicator attached to the last input field of each mapped address. It appears as an encircled, gray check mark.
.smarty-tag-grayed The styles applied to the tag when the address is NOT in a verified state.
.smarty-tag-green The styles applied to the tag when the address IS in a verified state.
.smarty-tag-check The check mark displayed in the tag.
.smarty-tag-text The text (such as "Verify," "Verified," or "Undo") that appears when a tag is hovered on.
.smarty-autocomplete The containing element for autocomplete suggestions.
.smarty-suggestion An autocomplete suggestion (is an <a> tag).
.smarty-active-suggestion Class applied to the currently-selected .smarty-suggestion element.
.smarty-debug-input Class applied to the mapped input elements when debug is set to true.
.smarty-debug-button Class applied to the mapped submit button when debug is set to true.

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