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Qualified Address - "Software as a Service"

If you've looked at the various alternatives available for address software, you've probably noticed that most are old and outdated--even if the data running in the background is up-to-date. Qualified Address has set out on a mission to change the way that businesses manage their mailing lists, and the first thing we've done is work to make your life easier.

Qualified Address isn't like other address software--it's innovative and unique, being the first address management software that has embraced the 21st Century with address management as a service instead of as a software package. What does this mean to the consumer?

First, you'll never have to worry about updating your mailing list software again! The USPS releases data updates monthly. Software developers are required to disable portions of their address-verification software if you don't purchase the latest database update. Since all the services offered by Qualified Address are performed on our servers, you'll never have to be troubled with updating your software or with starting it up only to discover that it is outdated and disabled.

Along with eliminating the time associated with updating your address software, Qualified Address is also making your life easier by focusing on education along with technology. Our resource library has articles, white papers, and other information--all available at no cost to you--which can be used as training and education materials. The combination of technology and education offered by Qualified Address will give you the edge you'll need to minimize your mailing costs.

Finally, since Qualified Address focuses on services, you can expect great customer service. We are committed to making your life easy, and are here to answer any questions you might have.

Qualified Address is relied upon by organizations of all types - from large corporations to small nonprofits, and those who have tried our services love them. Please visit for a free trial and more information on how our mailing list software can help your business.

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