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XML and JavaScript Address Validation at

It's finally available!

A lot of our customers have contacted us to find out when our Address Verification API would finally be ready to go. I'm excited to announce that the API is ready. You can learn more about it by visiting the Address Verification API product page on our website.

I'm impressed with how nice the JavaScript version of the API looks. Our designers really did a great job! I'm not really much of a programmer (I know HTML and that's about it), but I was able to figure out how to install it on one of my websites without any help. For those who are a little more savvy with programming, there is an XML web service that you can use (it doesn't come with the cool interface though).

Many people don't realize the benefits of validating addresses at the point of entry. If you're sending a lot of mail, the benfits are obvious - You can catch bad addresses before you spend the money to send out a mailpiece or product. There are other benefits also. For example, with credit card processing you might be able to get lower fees by submitting a +4 Code with an address. Also, you standardize the data in your database, which helps with data quality. Customers who validate addresses as they are collected also have much better results when CASS Certifying their mailing lists later.

If you're interested in finding out how address validation can help your business, visit or call 1 (801) 877-5778.

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