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Kiana Andrewsen
Kiana Andrewsen
Customer Success Representative

Quiet, but hardworking, Kiana tumbled into the tech industry working as an IT project manager. She managed three engineering teams, six different client accounts, and multiple technical projects - and excelled due to her love of reading books and writing research papers. Kiana is also a theatre nerd! She plans to travel to every major theatre and see at least one show from the biggest performing companies in the most famous opera houses including—but not limited to—Staatsballett, New York City Ballet, the Royal Opera Ballet, the Old Globe, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and more! And no, "theatre" isn’t spelled wrong. Not just a viewer, Kiana loves to design and create costumes for productions including designs for BYU's Robyn Hood, Celestial, and Swan Lake productions. Here at Smarty, she’s building client relations by striving to translate tech jargon into everyday business jargon. A recent graduate from BYU, Kiana has a bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor in Ballet.