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LiveAddress API is now 100x better


For address verification, it's hard to beat the dead-on speed and simplicity of instant results, which is what our LiveAddress API already does. Like the Ducati bullet bike, we were already pretty dang fast.

However, if you need to work with a batch, it means that you have to do more programming to loop through the addresses one at a time. The increased overhead doesn't make much difference for one at a time service but if you are trying to verify 180 million addresses (you know who you are) then one at a time is just too slow. It might not be a deal breaker but we tackled it for you anyway.

So, if you need to run multiple addresses (at the same time) through our LiveAddress API now you can . Our API will accept up to 100 addresses per request and the turnaround time is still the same -- "instant".

Voila! Same great address verification, now 100x faster. Almost as fast as Chuck Norris flying the SR-71 Blackbird (fastest air-breathing manned aircraft ever) [Image]

(DISCLAIMER: Actual speed increases may turn out to be only 99.95x faster but we rounded up for easier math.)

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