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Cody Robertson
Cody Robertson
Sr. Software Engineer

One of those generally-genius type people, Cody brings a wealth of knowledge and a slew of experience to Smarty every day. He has experience writing embedded software in C++, creating GUIs with Qt, doing SQL database work, database design in GCP, optimizing algorithms, writing Go microservices, using Mithril and React JS, identity and access management, auditing and reporting, and writing Node JS lambdas on AWS. What else would you expect from a graduate of Utah State with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics?

When he's not sitting at a computer blowing us away with his mad skillz (and yes, he uses one of those fancy split keyboards while typing in Dvorak), he has been known to keep a vegetable garden, a hive of bees, and a healthy landscape. On any given evening you're likely to find him playing board games with his four children, who are handily beating him.