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Irina O'Hara
Irina O'Hara
Software Engineer

Irina O'Hara is a dedicated software engineer originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, who now calls Utah home. With foundational work experience at several software companies, she has now carved a niche for herself on our frontend team, where she focuses on building quality UI. Irina takes pride in the intellectual rigor of her role and finds immense satisfaction when her efforts come to fruition. She is proficient in a diverse range of technologies, including front-end specialties like JavaScript and React, as well as C#, Razor, SQL, C++, and Python. With three years under her belt working on large corporate-scale applications that cater to millions of customers, Irina has not only implemented new features and rectified bugs but has also ensured adherence to 508 compliance regulations. Beyond her technical expertise, she possesses a keen eye for design, consistently aiming to offer an unparalleled user experience. Whether it's the bustling streets of St. Petersburg or the tranquil landscapes of North Carolina and Utah, Irina's journey reflects a seamless blend of adaptability, expertise, and determination.