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Xan Johnson
Xan Johnson
Software Engineer

Xan Johnson is one of our wonderful software engineers with a strong foundation in software design and multiple programming languages. He is working on his Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, where he also served as a research assistant, contributing to academic projects that further honed his technical skills. Xan is proficient in a range of programming languages including Go, C++, and Python, and is well-versed in Git and Linux environments. His linguistic capabilities extend beyond programming languages to include fluency in French, adding a unique dimension to his skill set.

In addition to his technical acumen, Xan has a passion for continuous learning and personal development. His leisure activities, such as disc golf, reflect his commitment to strategic thinking and precision, qualities that he seamlessly integrates into his professional life. Xan Johnson's diverse competencies and dedication to excellence position him as a valuable asset in any technology-driven enterprise, particularly those requiring a sophisticated understanding of software design and multilingual communication.