Personalized, Fast Technical Support

Smarty is led by a Dev Founder, that’s why our philosophy on providing timely and personalized support is so unique. All those hours, days, maybe even weeks you waste tracking down a solution equals lost revenue. We hear you. And we’re determined—nay, obsessed with offering a very different approach to great technical support.

When You Reach Out, We Answer—Quickly!

Whether you contact us via chat, telephone, or email, we answer you promptly. Give us a call and you’ll find we rarely have a queue—we simply answer the phone. Opening a chat window begins a live chat with a real person, usually in under 1 minute every business day. If you choose to send an email, you’ll receive a response within one business hour. That’s right, we said "hour."
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We don’t do scripts or "tiers"

Few things are more frustrating than having to wait through a rehearsed support script knowing it will do nothing to solve your problem. We don’t do scripts or make you struggle through the first tier or two of support reps in order to reach someone who is capable. Our support reps listen intently to your problem and propose solutions after getting the complete picture.
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Everyone On Our Support Team Is Knowledgeable

We only hire experienced professionals who are prepared to help you right from the start. We also keep direct lines of communication from our Support Team to our Development Team wide open. In the rare situation where our Support Team isn’t able to answer a question, within moments we’ll have a developer involved and working on a solution for you.
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Support during business hours is FREE!

Our amazing Support Team also helps everyone that comes to our support chat; whether they’re a free trial user looking for a little help or clarification, a curious party with a question about all things Smarty, or a global enterprise with an urgent problem, we’re helping everyone, in every way we possibly can. Need even more personalized support? We offer custom support options to meet your needs.
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Don't take our word for it

Check out what our customers say about our Technical Support Team!
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I called the number and [Smarty Support] answered immediately and was very helpful and friendly. Our issue now appears to be resolved.
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[Smarty Support] has been extremely helpful! From giving me a heads-up on changes coming down the pike, to providing a working example of some sample code that I can use to mitigate the impact of those changes. Thank you so very much!
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Every time I’ve needed them, I’ve been able to talk to a real person who knew exactly what they were doing.
Mike W.
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Great support team! [Smarty Support] saved us from a deep dark rabbit hole.
Jim K.
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There have been one MAYBE two occasions where there was some sort of minor issue in our few years of using you, but Smarty ran to the red flag very quickly and resolved it with great care.
CTO, Credit Card Company
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THANK you for such a fast turn around on our support request! A great example for all companies to aspire to.
Dan S.

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