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Comet-powered address list processing.

Did you know that Halley's Comet travels through our solar system at a whopping 157,838 mph. I'll do the math for you. That breaks down to about 44 mps (miles per second). That's even faster than my kids can scatter when I tell them it's bedtime.

We have harnessed the same kind of comet speed with our LiveAddress for Lists service. By bending errant gravitational rays through a nano-experimentometer, we were able to cut the processing time by 28.3%. Here are some test results:

500 addresses: 10 seconds 7 seconds
1,000 addresses: 15 seconds 10 seconds
10,000 addresses: 1 minute 33 seconds
100,000 addresses: 10 minutes 7 minutes
1,000,000 addresses: 67 minutes 45 minutes

That's approximately 370 addresses per second when processing a list with one million records. So, while we don't yet verify addresses outside of the solar system (United States only for now) we certainly have the fastest address verification service on the planet. We've got plans to speed it up even more, just waiting for some more comets now.

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