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How To Check Your LiveAddress Usage

Our LiveAddress tool works behind the scenes, scrubbing away, to make sure every address you ship to is valid and deliverable. It does its address verification job so well that you won't have to think about shipping disasters ever again.

Choosing a LiveAddress package plan is much like choosing a phone planonly you can know what services will best fit your needs. Simply choose the number of queries you wish to be able to process through the system each month, and get started. If you happen to exceed your query limit in any given month, don't panic. The system is designed to automatically renew your subscription, resetting your original number of queries for the same price. This way, there is no downtime where shipments fall through the cracks. With LiveAddress, you are in good hands.

If you find yourself going over your query limit each month, you may want to upgrade your subscription to allow more searches monthly. Higher subscription levels have a lower cost per unit, and give you a great deal for your dollar.

The following video will show you how to monitor your usage levels in LiveAddress as well as how to modify your query package when it becomes necessary:

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