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Some Helpful Tips & Articles for Combating USPS Rate Changes

Here are some excerpts from a few recent articles that may be of interest to those looking for information on the upcoming USPS rate changes.

After May 14, businesses in every sector will experience sticker shock as shape-based postage rates take a bite out of their bottom-lines. But few if anywill be harder hit than the direct marketing industry.
Fortunately, the Postal Regulatory Commission is reconsidering the proposed rate increases for flatsenacting the US Postal Service recommendations under protest. In the meantime, the industry must work within the new system to reduce the financial sting of shape-based pricing.
The Governors of the US Postal Service announced yesterday that they accepted the decision of the Postal Regulatory Commission to modify two of its earlier rate case recommendations; that is, to lower the price of the Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box to $8.95, and to extend the non-machinable surcharge which encourages mailing efficienciesto all single piece and presorted First-Class Mail letters, regardless of weight.
USPS - New Prices Effective May 14, 2007

The Board of Governors set Monday, May 14 as the effective date for new rates and fees for all classes of mailexcept Periodicals, which is delayed until July 15.
The new prices reflect changes in operations, and the marketplace and will offer more choices and ensure that all types of mail cover their costs.
The new price structure will create a more efficient mail system, so that the overall cost of using the mail is as low as possible. We include incentives to create mailpieces compatible with our processing systems, and to deposit flats and parcels closer to where they are delivered. We want to reduce the costs associated with the handling of undeliverable-as-addressed mail by making it easier and less costly for mailers to get updated addresses.

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