Updating rural addresses

LACSLink® matches addresses against a list of rural route, highway route, and box number addresses that have been renumbered or renamed and then updates the address accordingly.

"The LACSLink Product is a secure dataset of converted addresses that primarily arise from the implementation of the 911 system, which commonly involves changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses. The LACSLink Product also contains existing city-style addresses that have been renamed or renumbered."

This component of the verification process is essential and dramatically reduces the amount of returned mail that is otherwise generated.

There are many rural addresses that have been updated with more modern, easy-to-find city-street addresses in order to aid 911 emergency response teams. Use our address verification service to update rural route addresses and increase deliverables using the new street names of the rural route customers.

An example of this would be the following address:

Route 1 Box 104A Golconda, IL 62938
This address has an "alias" which is:
345 Job Corps Rd Golconda, IL 62938
That means that any mail that goes to either of these addresses will be delivered at the same location.

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