Benson Ehlert
Benson Ehlert
Account Manager, SMB

Meet Benson Ehlert, one of our adept Business Development Reps. He brings us his great ability to fuse business acumen with interpersonal finesse. His flair for problem-solving, friendly demeanor, and strategic insights drive growth and new possibilities. Here at Smarty his collaborative spirit, intellect, and team lifting dynamics make him an MVP. Outside work, he is a dedicated husband and father of three girls, blending professional drive with family support. A standout pro and community favorite, he masters the art of work-life balance.

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Address Affairs Causing Healthcare Hiccups: Part 1Arrow Icon
By Benson Ehlert on November 7, 2023
Why Accurate Addresses Matter to Healthcare ProfessionalsThe healthcare system typically relies on human entry for its data entry. Whether the information is added by the customer, a receptionist, a nurse, or even a doctor, there are a lot of areas for the information to be misentered. Not only that, but hospital staff members frequently edit or enter additional information following the patient's first visit. The constant editing and entering of data by a human results in more than just a tiny typo now and again.
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