Landon Fackrell
Landon Fackrell
Software Engineer

Landon is a talented engineer with a passion for algorithms and optimization. He came to us after working as a lecturer for BYU and developing various software solutions for the Computer Science department there. He speaks Go, Python, Java, Russian, English, Ukrainian, a little bit of Chinese, and, the most crazy of them all, Javascript. Beyond work, he thrives in the great outdoors. Rock climbing, free soloing, skiing, cliff jumping, mountain biking, you name it and he has done it! He is a bright, passionate addition to the engineering team!

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Smarty's Excel & Google Sheets Plugins for Geocoding & Address ValidationArrow Icon
By Landon Fackrell on September 26, 2023
Did you miss our recent webinar on how to use our new Google Sheets and Excel plugins for address validation? Don't worry; we've got you covered. This blog post provides an in-depth summary, highlighting essential functionalities, setup processes, and answers to some pertinent questions raised during the webinar.  The BasicsWe want to make it easier for businesses to validate addresses and retrieve necessary data efficiently. While we do have a bulk validation tool that can be accessed as a demo or a full tool, we find that most people are already working with address data in a spreadsheet form, usually in Excel.
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