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We see the humanity of others and consider their needs, objectives, and challenges as we go about our work. We hold ourselves accountable for our impact on others as well as our results.
We actively develop our skills. We welcome the uncomfortable work it takes to master ourselves and our craft. We continuously learn, improve, and help others do the same.
Whether it’s traveling together or creating useful products together, it’s essential to have a good time. Even though we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re serious about providing value. Our desire and ability to create and deliver keeps things fun.

The Smarty Team

It's all about relationships.
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Lyle Durland
Lyle Durland
Technical Support Team Lead

Until Lyle came to Smarty, much of his prior customer experience came from the music world. Lyle taught several courses in classical music and jazz at Brigham Young University where he learned to adapt to help individual students achieve their unique outcomes. He's also worked as an independent music producer and small business owner where he's created and produced original music for film and television based on the needs of various stakeholders. Lyle's ability to take in feedback and create solutions, be them musical or technological, has made him an excellent customer support team lead at Smarty.