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Ryan Muir
Ryan Muir
Product Marketing Manager

With more than a decade of marketing experience, Ryan has led a 6-person marketing team and trained multiple product marketing managers to run their own teams. During his time as a marketer, Ryan has driven 6 websites to the top search results, led the strategy for A/B testing and redesigns of 3 websites, and 10 checkout processes, and improved ROI on ad spend by 40%. Ryan has a track record of growing company revenue everywhere he goes. He improved customer retention from 50% to 75%, increased product growth YOY by 40% or more, and developed executed SEO strategies that drove 6 websites from page 2 in search results to an average of the top result on page one. Before being a product marketer, Ryan was a digital marketing specialist and copywriter. Ryan holds a bachelors in public relations and marketing from Utah Valley University.