The Benefits of Address Entry Validation and List Cleaning

Address standardization and validation services overcome many of the difficulties that companies encounter when managing address databases. This is especially true when address entry validation is combined with list processing.

Reduced Returned Mail

By validating that an address is correct before sending out a mailing, organizations will reduce the amount of undeliverable mail that is returned. Depending on the size and frequency of mailings, this validation can lead to significant savings for organizations.

Improved Quality of Address Data

Validating that an address is correct at the time it is entered into your database and then using list processing to regularly clean, verify, and update the address list will help organizations achieve significant improvements in address data quality.

Better Communication with Customers

Organizations depend on effective communication with customers to survive. Using services that verify and standardize the customers' addresses will improve your ability to communicate with customers via postal mail and open opportunities that may have otherwise been lost. Organizations that use address verification and standardization services are able to communicate with customers via mail faster and cheaper than organizations that do not use these services.

Reduced Mailing Costs

Many address standardization services will provide organizations with ZIP+4™ and USPS® barcodes to enable them to qualify for discounts on mailings. Other postal services, such as Canada Post, also offer similar discounts for qualified mailings.

Increased Delivery Speed

By providing the USPS® with addresses in a standardized format and including information such as ZIP+4™ Codes, the post office states that companies can increase the delivery of their mail by one to two days.

Key Benefits of Smarty

Smarty offers all the above key benefits of address verification and standardization solutions. Along with these standard benefits, the solution from Smarty offers many additional benefits, which include:

No hardware costs

Because LiveAddress is a web-based service there is no need for our customers to invest in expensive hardware to maintain large databases of postal service data.

Elimination of time and effort spent on updating data

To obtain the most up-to-date data available a company would have to update its postal databases monthly when the postal authorities release updated data. Since the address verification and standardization is completed on Smarty servers, it takes care of all data updates, thereby eliminating the time and effort that companies have to invest in keeping current data.

Fast Turnaround Time

Many address list services take anywhere from three days to two weeks to process submitted address lists. The technology that powers LiveAddress allows it to process addresses rapidly and immediately, thus allowing customers to receive list processes in minutes instead of days. Priority processing is also available for customers who need lists moved up in the queue.

High Reliability and Quality Service

Smarty has taken extensive measures to ensure that customers can depend on its services to be reliable. The company is continually looking for ways that its address matching can be improved and enhanced. It also prides itself in offering some of the most extensive customer service options available in the industry.

Accessible by Multiple Users

Organizations that use more than one employee to manage their address data run into difficulties with desktop software. Because the services provided by Smarty are web-based services, all employees at a company who need access to the address management services will be able to login and finish their assignments.

Secure Processing

Smarty understands the proprietary nature of address lists. That's why it has gone to extreme measures to ensure that the data being processed on its servers is protected by some of the most advanced technology available.

Scalable Services

The services offered through were created to be extremely scalable so whether a customer needs to have 500 addresses or 10 million addresses scrubbed, there is an affordable solution available.


Any organization that works with address data can depend on Smarty to help it overcome many of the challenges that come with managing these databases. By reducing returned mail, improving the quality of address data, improving communication with customers, reducing mailing costs, and increasing delivery speeds customers will see the immediate impact of the Smarty services on their bottom line. Smarty is excited to be on the forefront of innovation in on-demand address database management.

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