Cloud API Documentation

These documents describe the APIs provided by Smarty, including authentication, HTTP resources, and recommended best practices.

Because the APIs are HTTP-based services, we will define all inputs and outputs in terms of the HTTP protocol. Simple examples will be provided along the way in the form of cURL requests. Consult the documentation for your programming language and tools for information on how to send compliant HTTP requests to our API and, subsequently, how to process the corresponding HTTP responses from our API application servers.

This content is intended for individuals with web development experience and knowledge of HTTP. We present some examples as part of a Unix (Linux/Mac) environment; Windows users may need to adapt them for their platform. Clients consuming our API are responsible for understanding the material in these pages.

Please consult your organization's IT department to ensure your firewall can meet the requirements listed in these documents. If you'd like, we have Enterprise plans to help accommodate.

Now what? (required reading)

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Then what? (choose your own adventure)

Now the fun begins! Having mastered the material above you are ready to build your application, leveraging one or more of our powerful APIs:

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