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How address autocomplete helped Fabletics improve checkout page optimization

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US Address Verification
US Address Autocomplete
International Address Verification
International Address Autocomplete
Using Smarty Address Autocomplete, Fabletics improved the checkout user experience for first-time customers.

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Today’s mobile customers are used to quick checkout experiences and don’t want to have to type in their full address.
Using Smarty Address Autocomplete, Fabletics improved the checkout user experience for first-time customers.
Order conversion rates for new customers have increased, especially internationally.
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The client: Fabletics

Fabletics offers premium quality, stylish gear at accessible prices. The company started out as an online-only brand in 2013, with a VIP membership program that today exceeds over 2 million VIP members across the globe.
Their mission is to create the world’s most fashionable, high-performance, active-lifestyle products for every one and every body–at an accessible price. Premium styles fuse the latest advances in performance technology with an on-trend fashion-forward look.
Starting as a digitally-native brand with a unique membership model, Fabletics listened to customer feedback on what they wanted, which supported decision making on physical store locations. The company has grown steadily and now has 95 brick and mortar locations globally.
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The challenge: Improve checkout page optimization to lower checkout abandonment

Fabletics understands that today’s potential customers are used to very quick checkouts and not having to type in their full address including city, state, & ZIP Code. About 80% of Fabletics customers shop on mobile devices, making a smooth checkout flow crucial to their business.

However, the apparel company was seeing higher checkout abandonment and shopping cart abandonment rates at the shipping options step than ideal.

The goal was to remove as many obstacles—such as entering the shipping address—from the complicated eCommerce checkout process as possible, making it faster and more convenient for potential shoppers to purchase products online. Fabletics also wanted to reduce extra costs and increase the accuracy of addresses by preventing typos and errors in the entered addresses, especially when shipping to international countries where Fabletics didn’t have address validation implemented.

The solution: Implementing Address Autocomplete provided a faster, easier checkout flow

In order to reduce friction on web checkout form fields, Fabletics decided to implement address autocomplete. Fabletics considered many address validation providers including Loqate, Melissa, and Experian, but appreciated how easy it was to get started with Smarty’s free trial and the ease of support. For Fabletics, Smarty’s address validation and autocomplete worked well out of the box with only a little data finessing.

"Any time our engineers reached out to the support chat at Smarty, they were super responsive and helpful," said Kathy, Senior Product Manager at Fabletics. Another reason for the move to Smarty was that Fabletics had been using several different address data services in different countries and wanted to consolidate to one tool that offered both address validation and address autocomplete.

Fabletics also appreciated the all-in-one aspect of Smarty’s tools. Smarty supports all countries and offers an unlimited autocomplete package.

At this time, Fabletics has implemented address autocomplete on their web checkout process, but Fabletics plans to add the service to the My Account page and VIP mobile app.

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The results: An increase in new online shopper conversion rates, especially internationally

As with any new feature or tool that Fabletics implements, the team ran an A/B test to see if autocomplete improved conversion.
They filtered the A/B Test data on these flags:
  • Users who click to "Add New Shipping Address"
  • Users who click to "Edit Shipping Address"
  • Users who click to "Add New Billing Address"
  • Users to click to "Edit Billing Address"
  • Users who encounter the Address Verification modal
Conversion rate optimization efforts using address autocomplete is increasing new customer order completions, especially among international shoppers, likely because their addresses are more complicated.
Order Conversion for New Customers
  • Germany: +3.6%
  • Canada: +9.2%
  • Spain: +8.4%
  • France: +1.6%